Maybe Mat Damon can fund further ibogaine research

Pete onthecheese at
Mon Jun 2 03:01:42 EDT 2003

Hi All,

So i was a little bored one weekday and mindless tv watching seemed appropriate, and then a movie i had seen years ago came on called Good Will Hunting, about a genius delinquent getting it together. 

Anyway, he is chatting up this girl, and wants to take her out that day but she is busy 'cos she has to write the formula for 'ibogamine'. When i heard this, i wasnt sure if i misheard this, but i was now more awake and aware of my surroundings, and tuned in more to the film, as i watch Mat Damon go outside into the park, scribble down something on a piece of paper, go back into the room where his potential love interest is trying to find this formula, and out he pulls the formula for ibogaine...well it was very quick but it definitely had an indole ring and looked like ibogaine in that flash and he did repeat what sounded like 'ibogamine'.....

okay so he is a genius and all, but he is also , young, hip?filthy rich and KNOWS about ibogaine, which is a rare thing, and so maybe hitting someone like this, or there must be someone with the means and knowhow or connections to contact him, maybe he can transform the world (being a genius)into one where ibogaine treatment is maintstream.

I mean, how did ibogaine get into this hollywood movie, and noone noticed



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