In a clinical setting, you're chances are greater...

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Sun Jun 1 23:03:12 EDT 2003

I want to take issue with this assertion:

>>In a clinical
> setting your prospects are much improved and the safety
> factor is greater.<<<<

I disagree.

I have seen no evidence that a suitable dose of Ibogaine HCI or Indra
Extract (20%) administered to a person who has had a heart scan and a blood
test (incl. ALT) and is otherwise even reasonably healthy is at ANY RISK AT
ALL. Most of my patients have HEP C, and other damage, so we're still
talking relatively healthy.

Oh, I am aware of the 7 or so known deaths since 1965. Virtually all can be
explained, and even then, 7 fatalities in 40 years speaks to its remarkable
safety, considering the modern day user of ibogaine is by virtue of drug
addiction in a very high risk group.

I have treated 21 patients thirty-five times in the most recent 7 months,
some once, others twice, though none were addicts any longer at the time of
the second treatment (though some had lapsed and used on a single occasion).

The best safety you can insure is that your monitor/facillitator/etc. be
prepared to take you to hospital if you fall unconscious or if any vital
signs (heartbeat, temperature) create serious concern. Observe MAO inhibitor
protocols in the diet period prior to iboga administration,

A good friend, a medically minded person, iboga from a reliable source, a
heart scan and blood test (and understanding the information in the scan &
blood test) and I believe you have all the things necessary to organize your
own treatment. I really don't think people need to go to a clinic if they
know someone who can organize treatment properly.

What I find is that 48 hours after the iboga experience, all the patients
want to flee into the arms of someone they love and trust, get some
stability, and then they want to exploit the energy and optimism (and being
drug free) and keep moving. They don't really want to stay any longer than
necessary no matter how great the view, art supplies, good food, etc. you
have in your environment (as we have had). All the can think about is 'their
life' now that they are no longer drug addicted. Really, they are so caught
up in thinking about 'their life' NOW that they only really remember to
thank you later on for unspringing them.

There is no magic a clinic/hospital can offer. Even there, a doctor is on
call, there is no doctor at your bedside 24 hours a day. A nurse comes in a
measures your vital signs. Thats what we do. If theres a crisis, the nurse
gets a doctor, thats what we do.

Surprisingly, the task that is most challenging is getting the patient to
drink fluid (Gatorade is best because it has electrolytes that make the
water most useful) and then to eat food. And helping them figure out what
they are going to do with all that extra time since they only need 2 hours
sleep each night for about 2 - 3 weeks.

All 21 patients I have treated are all greatly improved in their lives.
Their destructive drug taking is gone or remarkably reduced. No one has
returned to full bore drug addiction, though some have lapsed and used their
drug on isolated occasions. Many are in school now (all ages) or working
again. Most regard iboga extract (thats what we give them) as one of the
best things ever to happen to them.

Since I didn't charge anyone any money whatsoever, I have no proprietary
interest in iboga. I receive no income at any point in any way from iboga. I
think with proper planning, anyone can have themselves treated, and a bit of
to do list needs to be written up for those that could and can and should do
a dose of iboga.

Marc Emery
Iboga Therapy House

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> In an up-to-date modern facility they probably will give you a complete
> protocal which will
> lay out the period of most risk following the first week of treatment for
> indefinite period after that.
> I had it adminstered to my grandson;  and it took 6 days for the treatment

> for a doss of 2 grams of
> Ibogaine.  With no after treatment protocal immediately planned he
> He had been addicted since he was 12; he is 25 years old now.  He began on
> Marijuana and after 2 or 3 years he switched to hard drugs and tried about
> everything except Heroin.  He says he feels Ibogaine probably saved his
> life, anyway.
> In spite of his relapse he swears by Ibogaine.    He is serving 5 years in
> prison now for transgressions commited prior his treatment.  In a clinical
> setting your prospects are much improved and the safety
> factor is greater.  However, many Addicts are receiving treatment from a
> very experienced practitioners with apparently amazing success.
> It has been more then 2 years since my grandson took the "cure" and he
> touts Ibogaine and plans to resume post treatment therapy with whatever
> follow-up therapy is recommended by experienced providers when he is
> released.
> I strongly urge you to follow through and get the complete recommended
> Ibogaine Protocal.
> TOMMY   G.
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> > I will be doing ibogaine next week. I have read the
> > ibogaine series in Heroin Times and have most of the
> > info from online some of the sites. The question I
> > have is how long can I expect the trip to last? I am
> > using purified ibogaine. Is it a day or will it go on
> > for more then a day?
> >
> > I have been using heroin for 4 years only, how many
> > times should I expect to need ibogaine and is there
> > any best idea for what to do after. I am not
> > interested in the 12 step rehab but open to most other
> > ideas.
> >
> > Thank you
> > cb
> >
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