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In an up-to-date modern facility they probably will give you a complete
protocal which will
lay out the period of most risk following the first week of treatment for an
indefinite period after that.
I had it adminstered to my grandson;  and it took 6 days for the treatment
for a doss of 2 grams of
Ibogaine.  With no after treatment protocal immediately planned he relapsed.
He had been addicted since he was 12; he is 25 years old now.  He began on
Marijuana and after 2 or 3 years he switched to hard drugs and tried about
everything except Heroin.  He says he feels Ibogaine probably saved his
life, anyway.

In spite of his relapse he swears by Ibogaine.    He is serving 5 years in
prison now for transgressions commited prior his treatment.  In a clinical
setting your prospects are much improved and the safety
factor is greater.  However, many Addicts are receiving treatment from a few
very experienced practitioners with apparently amazing success.

It has been more then 2 years since my grandson took the "cure" and he still
touts Ibogaine and plans to resume post treatment therapy with whatever
follow-up therapy is recommended by experienced providers when he is

I strongly urge you to follow through and get the complete recommended
Ibogaine Protocal.



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> I will be doing ibogaine next week. I have read the
> ibogaine series in Heroin Times and have most of the
> info from online some of the sites. The question I
> have is how long can I expect the trip to last? I am
> using purified ibogaine. Is it a day or will it go on
> for more then a day?
> I have been using heroin for 4 years only, how many
> times should I expect to need ibogaine and is there
> any best idea for what to do after. I am not
> interested in the 12 step rehab but open to most other
> ideas.
> Thank you
> cb
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