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>I will be doing ibogaine next week. I have read the
>ibogaine series in Heroin Times and have most of the
>info from online some of the sites. The question I
>have is how long can I expect the trip to last? I am
>using purified ibogaine. Is it a day or will it go on
>for more then a day? 

Yes, in different parts that are different in effect.  
Read <http://www.ibogaine.org/clin-perspectives.html>
>I have been using heroin for 4 years only, how many
>times should I expect to need ibogaine and is there
>any best idea for what to do after. I am not
>interested in the 12 step rehab but open to most other

You will probably need ibogaine more than once but, not necessarily so.  All 
patients exhibit different needs.  The best thing for you to do after, is find 
something that is satisfying enough to replace your heroin/time.  I am 
talking of picking up your life rather than a specific form of post ibogaine 
therapy.  The most extensive review of post ibogaine therapy can be found at <
http://www.ibogaine.org/manual.html#post> and at <

There are more extensive documents that are linked to these two sections of 
the Manual for Ibogaine Therapy that have been written by different providers.


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