the calm before the storm

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The Calm Before the Storm
by Preston Peet-
for the New York Waste-
Feb. 2003
peacefully ill
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January 26, 2003
"You've done heroin? That's the one drug I really want to try, but I haven't
ever seen it," Jennifer says to Thomas one early Winter evening, staring at
him with her great big eyes, sitting up half naked in their bed in Atlanta,
Georgia. They've been discussing their favorite topics- music, sex and
"Oh yeah?" says Thomas. "How would you want to do it, sniff, smoke or shoot
"Shoot it for sure," she replied.
Thomas has himself a mission....
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Preston Peet
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Editor at Large High Times mag/.com
"Prohibition creates an irresistibly lucrative
opportunity for entrepreneurs willing to operate
in illicit business. It is the policy
of idealists who cannot appreciate that the use
of drugs often reflects other sets of human
ideals: human perfectibility, the yearning
for a perfect moment, the peace that comes
from oblivion." Richard Davenport-Hines

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