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>please don't forget about the butthole surfers they put on some of the best
shows i've ever been to and they used to hang out with william s burroughs<

For your amusement-
A Simple Experiment Goes Well
Butthole Surfers are a better Shroom Band than Jane's Addiction
By Preston Peet (Originally published in the New York Waste, Nov. 2001)
I was reading Melbomene Whitehead's Subderma column in the October issue of
the New York Waste one lazy Thursday afternoon, enthralled with her vivid
account of patriotic bra shopping, when I came to her declaration of the
unsuitability of wearing a certain bra to the upcoming Butthole Surfers'
I immediately threw down the Waste as I leapt to my feet.
"V," I exclaimed, "Butthole Surfers are playing next week, and I'm going to
get tickets right now." And I did.
Upon waking the next morning, what should I find on my computer keyboard but
a confirmation note saying that 2 Jane's Addiction tickets were in the
process of heading our way.
Jane's Addiction tickets? What?
Sure enough, seems that while at work V heard about a Jane's Addiction show
at Madison Square Garden the very next Monday, October 15th, just a weekend
away, and managed to hook us tickets.
Holy shit, two of my all time favorite bands, (among an uncountable
multitude really), and they were playing the same week, and we were going to
see them both.
In the interests of science, I decided to undertake a seriously controlled
experiment, to see which band was a better show to see on shrooms.

"This one goes to 11. It's one louder, isn't it? It's not ten. You
see, most blokes will be playing at ten. -- Where can you go from there?
-- Nigel Tufnel, Spinal Tap lead guitarist

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>>Bro, saying this is terrible doesnt begin to do it justice. its awful. it
>be the worst thing anyone has ever recorded and this is coming from me who
>used to listen to the dead kennedys. I never knew the sex pistols totally
>ruined a frank sinatra song. he's tone deaf, he cant sing they cant play
>instruments. it sucks so hard................................
>for the record, i think that was a sid vicious solo attempt, not the actual
>sex pistols. sid never really played in the sex pistols; the bass on
>"nevermind the bollocks" was glen matlock. arguably, sid played bass during
>the shows. whether or not it can actually be considered "playing" is a
>up for debate. some of the time, they just had a tape back up for him.
>in a nutshell, sid was mostly there for his image.
>now the dead kennedys were actually talented musicians, at least in my
>opinion. there's not a whole lot of other punk out there that's as
>orchaestrated, and east bay ray had some really great guitar riffs.
>League of Surrealistic Discord Records --
please don't forget about the butthole surfers they put on some of the best
shows i've ever been to and they used to hang out with william s burroughs

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