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>>Bro, saying this is terrible doesnt begin to do it justice. its awful. it may 
>be the worst thing anyone has ever recorded and this is coming from me who 
>used to listen to the dead kennedys. I never knew the sex pistols totally 
>ruined a frank sinatra song. he's tone deaf, he cant sing they cant play the 
>instruments. it sucks so hard................................
>for the record, i think that was a sid vicious solo attempt, not the actual 
>sex pistols. sid never really played in the sex pistols; the bass on 
>"nevermind the bollocks" was glen matlock. arguably, sid played bass during 
>the shows. whether or not it can actually be considered "playing" is a matter 
>up for debate. some of the time, they just had a tape back up for him.
>in a nutshell, sid was mostly there for his image.
>now the dead kennedys were actually talented musicians, at least in my 
>opinion. there's not a whole lot of other punk out there that's as intricately 
>orchaestrated, and east bay ray had some really great guitar riffs.
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please don't forget about the butthole surfers they put on some of the best shows i've ever been to and they used to hang out with william s burroughs

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