[ibogaine] Turning Curious Teens Into Crackheads

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Where do you surf?


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>--- Bernard C Phifer <chimp at zwallet.com> wrote:
> >  I know exactly what you mean. I go to meetings sometimes and i fucked 
>up and
> > told them i was on methadone. I was shunned,looked down upon and told i 
> > still using. NA here in North Carolina was started by a bunch of people 
> > were on methadone. Now it seems like most of the people there never even 
> > dope (heroin). It mostly consists of crack heads and pot smoking 
> > It is very clicky and there is a big conform vibe. If you don't dress 
>like us
> > listen to our music and get your tounge pierced we wont accept you into 
> > circle. I just don't get anything out of it
>Thus is the reality of cults. I recently was rudely awoken to this very 
>after leaning heavily on meetings for a few years.
>I prefer Surfing.
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