bad science, and other stories

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Thu Jan 23 12:11:24 EST 2003

Hi all,
    Thought I'd drop everyone a line, alerting you all to the report from
Doug McVay on the recent report asserting proof of the "marijuana is a
gateway to hard drug use" myth, as well as to 2 stories about freedom of
speech issues on both East and West coasts. There's also a new campaign
on-going in California urging compassion (and simple common sense) instead
of imprisonment, and an article about NY's hearings yesterday on the topic
of medical marijuana.
Preston Peet
ptpeet at
Editor at Large High Times mag/.com
"Prohibition creates an irresistibly lucrative
opportunity for entrepreneurs willing to operate
in illicit business. It is the policy
of idealists who cannot appreciate that the use
of drugs often reflects other sets of human
ideals: human perfectibility, the yearning
for a perfect moment, the peace that comes
from oblivion." Richard Davenport-Hines

Trust But Verify (report on recent report that pot leads to hard drug abuse)

An American Tragedy (Forchion update- poor guy)

Gag Order Fight Draws First-Amendment Expert to Rosenthal Defense (The
prosecutor is going after Ed, trying to make sure he, his family and his
attorneys are not to be allowed to talk to the press until after the trial
is over- what bullshit, as my editor's note at the top of this points out.)

Medical marijuana groups posting roadside billboards

Advocates for the ill ask lawmakers to legalize medical marijuana (NY
hearings yesterday)

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