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Another cryptic reference to the bio-war aspect of the ibogaine 
phenomenon. Boaz, of course, is with Humatech, the patentholder that 
is doing the Israeli clinical trial, and with Howard Lotsof recently 
completed the treatment protocol mentioned inJAMA.


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>Received the following as part of Weinberg's weekly email "World War 3
>Report." Now it's clear why you mentioned that Boaz was busy with an
>election! How'd he do?
>-- Mitchell
>Israel's pro-marijuana Green Leaf Party  failed to get the 1.5% of the vote
>needed to enter the Knesset in 1999, but polls predict it might get two
>seats in this year's upcoming elections. Said Shmuel Sandler, political
>science professor at Tel Aviv University: "People are very disappointed by
>the peace process, and it's sort of an escape. They are frustrated with the
>Left, but they're not going to vote for the Right, so this is a nice way of
>getting out of this dilemma." Biking through Jerusalem, Green Leaf
>activists hand out stickers to cheering motorists. Party chairman Boaz
>Wachtel is no typical hippie. He was the assistant military attache at the
>embassy in Washington in the 1980s and served on a team of representatives
>to President Ronald Reagan's "Star Wars" program. (Jerusalem Post, Jan. 2)

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