[ibogaine] ibogaine and antipsychotic drugs

preston peet ptpeet at nyc.rr.com
Thu Jan 16 02:10:20 EST 2003

hHey all,
    Hold on a sec...a professional doctor put someone on an anti-psychotic
drug for cocaine psychosis? (re: below questions on Risperdone/crack
psychosis) That is the very first time I've ever heard anything even
remotely like that. A doctor is treating cocaine psychosis with an
anti-psychotic drug...hmmm, is it helping, do you know? I mean, can and does
the person seeking treatment use crack while on this Risperdone and not
suffer psychosis?
    That was some of the very worst part of cocaine abuse in my own case,
and a very big huge gargantuan part of the reason I really, really wanted
off cocaine when I stopped using it. Is it the cocaine or the cut that
causes that, if you'll allow me to get slightly off the topic?
    I can only say from personal long past experience that servere cocaine
psychosis, and I mean to the point where I was absolutely out of my gourd
psychosis-ridden each and every time I shot up, passes fairl soon after the
rush, in some cases maybe after an hour or two has passed in rare
occaisions, at least until the user used again, in my case anyway.
    Aren't there a few hours somewhere when he/she's not actually using
crack, and therefore not psychotic at those times?
    I'm sorry for not being able to help at all with your questions on
risperdone, but at least the crack psychosis will usually not be a factor as
long as there's no crack being used right before you treat with ibogaine, at
least I would imagine.
    And thanks for your earlier reply to my questions about your experience
so far with relapses after treating people Marc. Your points about the
cocaine/crack addicts rings a bell or two. But I've found that in my case
and in the case of a few others' I know as well, (granted just a few- and
there's those still out using, say, happy to be on methadone in some
instances because now they can concentrate full time on getting their
cocaine/crack) similarly to my old opiate use situation, with cocaine I
finally reached a point where it was the lifestyle not the funding that
inspired me to stop, considering that for the last few years using both
substances I'd not had a penny usually at the beginning of each and every
day anyway, so not having any money and having to come up with it for each
shot was standard operating proceedure, not something that usually had me
ready to quit.
    But you are also right about the money/temptation thing. With cocaine it
was always much, much harder, for quite some time too, to have money in my
hands and not have to deal with extreme cravings.
    I'm really impressed with what you're doing up there.
"When the imagination is continually lead
 to the brink of vice by a system of terror
and denunciations, people fling themselves
over the precipice from the mere dread of falling."-
Sir Thomas Brown

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I also have someone who is being given Risperdone who wants to take ibogaine
to get off the withdrawl she feels from stopping the use of Risperdone. I
don't know what to do here.

Marc Emery
Iboga Therapy House

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> on 1/13/03 11:09 AM, preston peet at ptpeet at nyc.rr.com wrote:
> I was wondering whether anyone can help. Someone has contacted me wanting
> do ibogaine who has been suffering a crack induced psychosis. As a result
> is on antipsychotic drugs - 2ml 2 times a day of RISPERDONE. He knows I am
> not currently facilitating sessions but wanted my advice.
> My initial response was to advise against on principle that taking a
> psychoactive to help deal with an incidence of psychosis was generally not
> good idea! Then thinking about it I thought that perhaps the risperdone
> would merely block the psychoactive effects of ibogaine.
> I am guessing and was wondering basically if there are any
> with antipsychotic drugs, any physical dangers for him. And also whether
> anyone knows if it would block the psychoactive effects of the ibogaine.
> The guy is in a catch 22. He wants to give up drugs because they are
> him mad (in his words) and yet the one thing that may help may also
> badly with the drugs he is taking to control the madness! He has said that
> he missed taking the medication a few times and suffered no psychotic
>  effects. His episode of psychosis involved voices in his head among other
> uncomfortable physical effects. I asked him why he hasn't tried coming off
> the medication and he said that he only saw the psychiatrist every 3
> and the last visit was uneventful and no suggestions to come of the drugs
> were given.
> Can anyone give more info on crack induced psychosis?
> Could he take the ibogaine on top of the medication, or should he come off
> the medication, or should he completely avoid taking ibogaine.
> Any medical and psychiatric advice would be most welcome.
> Thanks
> Hattie
> PS He is using crack, heroin and methadone daily
> >

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