[ibogaine] ibogaine and antipsychotic drugs

Hattie epoptica at freeuk.com
Wed Jan 15 19:34:36 EST 2003

on 1/13/03 11:09 AM, preston peet at ptpeet at nyc.rr.com wrote:

I was wondering whether anyone can help. Someone has contacted me wanting to
do ibogaine who has been suffering a crack induced psychosis. As a result he
is on antipsychotic drugs - 2ml 2 times a day of RISPERDONE. He knows I am
not currently facilitating sessions but wanted my advice.

My initial response was to advise against on principle that taking a strong
psychoactive to help deal with an incidence of psychosis was generally not a
good idea! Then thinking about it I thought that perhaps the risperdone
would merely block the psychoactive effects of ibogaine.

I am guessing and was wondering basically if there are any contraindications
with antipsychotic drugs, any physical dangers for him. And also whether
anyone knows if it would block the psychoactive effects of the ibogaine.

The guy is in a catch 22. He wants to give up drugs because they are making
him mad (in his words) and yet the one thing that may help may also interact
badly with the drugs he is taking to control the madness! He has said that
he missed taking the medication a few times and suffered no psychotic
 effects. His episode of psychosis involved voices in his head among other
uncomfortable physical effects. I asked him why he hasn't tried coming off
the medication and he said that he only saw the psychiatrist every 3 months
and the last visit was uneventful and no suggestions to come of the drugs
were given.

Can anyone give more info on crack induced psychosis?

Could he take the ibogaine on top of the medication, or should he come off
the medication, or should he completely avoid taking ibogaine.

Any medical and psychiatric advice would be most welcome.



PS He is using crack, heroin and methadone daily

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