National Enquirer, "No one has relapsed"

MARC marc420emery at
Thu Jan 9 02:02:36 EST 2003

"No one (out of 400) has relapsed."

Oh, to have such results. I guess it cured all their problems, financial &
psychological, as well.

working in the real world,
Marc Emery
Iboga Therapy House

> At 8:21 AM -0800 1/7/03, Randy Hencken wrote:
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> >Yesterday someone told me that they saw an article in either the
> >National Enquirer or the Star about Nick Nolte and Ibogaine.
> >Suppossedly it was titled "the treatment of the stars" and was
> >published around December 1othish.  Did anybody here see such an
> >article?  I tried a brief google search with no luck.
> >
> >Thanks,
> >Randy
> December 24, 2002
> The Star Confidential
> Page 13
> Great news for the Matt Perrys, Diana Rosses, Nick Noltes and Robert
> Downey Jrs. of the world. Now the numerous celebs who look for relief
> from their tough lives in the bottom of a bottle of Jack Daniel's, a
> needle or prescription medicine may be able to kick their destructive
> habits in a snap.
> This new treatment will set them back $14,000, and they'll have to
> fly abroad. But a Miami doctor is telling Confidential that he's
> designed a new detox program that has secretly helped "Congressmen
> and movie and rock stars" get off drugs and booze without the
> traditional unpleasantness.
> "No painful withdrawal symptoms, no falling off the wagon," says Dr.
> Jeffrey Kamlet.
> "All they have to do is take a small pill. We monitor them in a
> clinic for three days the pill acts on their bodies, and that's
> pretty much it."
> There is, however, a tiny caveat, which some of our favorite
> A-listers might consider a fringe benefit.
> The $3,00 pill--made of a rare, ground African root named
> ibogaine--causes hallucinations. Because of that, it's currently
> banned in the United States.
> But Kamlet's clinic, Healing Visions, is located on the Caribbean
> island of St. Kitts, where Ibogaine is allowed.
> "When you take it, you feel like you're watching 12 different TV
> screens at the same time, and your life is what's on TV," Kamlet says.
> "But when you come out of it, your physical need for the substance
> you're addicted to has vanished."
> Kamlet says that detox candidates are monitored by ICU-type nurses
> during their Ibogaine trip, then they go through counseling before
> being released after two weeks.
> "I'm getting calls every week from people who have spent $200,000 on
> detox and need more help," Kamlet says. "Some of the biggest names in
> showbix, believe me. I've treated 400 people, and no one has relapsed.

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