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  awesome commentary. gracias.

  Well, duh! 
  Classical Judaic commentators on the verse in exodus that describes the holy Qaneh Bosem, amongst the other three "mashiach" (annointment) oils as being "head spices" (BiSaMiM ROSh), define the obscure term, "Head Spices",  used to describe nothing else in the Tanach except for Cinnamon, Quassia, and Myrrh, as meaning "important" (ChaShuViM) according to Rashi, elucidated by Rav Moshe Ibn Nachman as meaning "valued highly in every nation."   

  The word "QaNeH BoSeM" is very signifigant of itself.  it's two words, QaNeH, related to the Greek "Cane,"  meaning basically the same thing.  Reed.  Windpipe. The space from the elbow to the wrist. A  bird's nest in Hebrew is a KaiN.  Adam's son Cain (QaYiN) who represents the universe of Chaos, and the nationalistic hold-on-to-what-I-have-and-where-I-am land farmer instinct as opposed to the flowing flock following sheep herder type. An Accuisition is called a QiNYaN.  To purchase is LiQNoT.     

  A cane is basically anything that connects two thing, that brings one closer to the other, or rather, into the other.  It's so deep, gevalt.  Aseh Lecha Rav, Qineh lecha Chaver.  Teachers are made, but friends are accuired. 

  God is praised in psalms and much of the Hebrew prayer Liturgy (notably in the Shmonah Esrai and in the Sanctification of the Moon rituals.) as Qoneh Hakol, Accuires the everything. The implication is that there has been a separation, that, when God creates me, he lets go of me a little bit.  When you create something, you're giving it space from yourself to go out and be in the world.   

  How do you know you've created something beautiful? You hear it, you see it, you taste, and smile to yourself: That's mine.  that's my song, that's my painting. It's its own thing, of course, with its own life and it's own existence. And I know that it's mine forever. 

  One of the secret powers of Marijuana, it brings back lost memories, lost feelings and sensations. From childhood from the deepest places, it brings them back.  Paralyzed people, physically and spiritually, it gives them the sensations they thought they'd lost forever. Things they'd forgotten they'd ever had. 

  In the Bible, God doesn't create man and woman straight out.  first he creates the together, according to ancient Jewish tradition, facing away from each other.  Then he puts them into a deep sleep, and separates them.  Only then to they see each other, do they embrace.  It's so deep. 

  When you're somewhere nice forever, born on the farm, in the city whatever, you don't appreciate it so much.  When you leave, you grow, you learn something new. and when you come back!  Ah! it's so beautiful it's so new and old at the same time. 
  And the love, the appreciation is stronger.  The world is perfect, order reigns, and everything is working as it should be!  Gets boring, we stop growing.   things get intense for awhile, something new is introduced, and it gets worked out.  And we come back home, and I'm in love like i've never been before. 

  Forgetting is death a little bit.  There's a blessing said by Jews who don't each each other for more than a year or so. Baruch Michaye Ha Maythim, Thank you Lord, who ressurects the dead.   I forgot you, i didn't think about you for a long time, so it's like you died to me.  I see you again, I remember you, it's like you came back from the dead.   

  When you marry someone, it's called an accuisition. In Babylon, it's about control, but really, it's so much deeper.  Everyone knows, when you meet your soulmate, it's kinda meeting someone new, but really, it's someone you recognize from before creation.  "Don't i know you from somewhere?"  You got separated, somewhen.  And know, you're mine again. Welcome home, baby!   

  And when a relationship is really deep, it mamish brings you both back from the dead. 

  We should be blessed, the herb we smoke should only make us forget traumas, and remember the secret good that's so much deeper.   May the evil prohibition of Hashem's righteous creations be ended, may all the captives be freed to come home, and may the divine presence rest on us all. may all our words be healing and all our love go deep. 


  There's alot to be said about the Bosem half of the word too, but for another time. 

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