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What I meantHoyle isn't and never was a writer for HT. Apparently he was the opposing view in a positive article about ibogaine, but even that I'm not entirely sure about. All I know is that he didn't write an article for HT, and that HT hasn't ever published an article that was negative about ibogaine. Don't know when or what issue this citation is coming from, nor have I actually seen the Straight article that cites Hoyle in HT yet either.
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    I don't know about this, don't know who Hoyle is, haven't seen what you're talking about, I'm innocent...well, ignorant of this anyway. What issue is it in?

  He's the only critic of Ibogaine the Georgia Straight could find, apparently. And the reason for that was he was already on record in High Times. But I said I didn't know what issue. The Georgia Straight merely cited it, they didn't give a complete citation.

  I thought maybe you could find out more easily than the rest of us. The importance lies in the rest of what this guy is saying, which seems to be the new line of the Ibogaine skeptics: "...American drug researcher Peter
  Hoyle, ...according to a recent High Times article, doesn't think there's enough evidence to warrant human
  trials--especially since the mechanism of ibogaine's action isn't understood."

  [Which isn't true, according to JAMA. More like the skeptics aren't bothering to find out HOW it works since they're NOT interested, period--because they don't believe it works and don't want to contemplate that they might be wrong. But that was kind of what Jonathon Ott was saying also. The new mantra, replacing Ann Ardolino and "Ibogaine doesn't work!"]

  I dropped to many important words in my haste. Sorry.

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