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I don't find it funny either, I've been at the receiving side of too many people like him. I never got better until I got away from all of them. 

Peace out,

On Sun, 05 Jan 2003 16:40:52 -0800 Carla Barnes <carlambarnes at yahoo.com> wrote:
>Sorry guys I don't find this funny. That person with
>the urod site is so totally disgusting, he should not
>be allowed to treat human beings. I don't see the
>humor in it.
>Carla B
>--- brendan22 at hushmail.com wrote:
>> Cheery guy.
>> I'm only on slide 10 so far. His theory is that
>> opiate addiction can be cured by dying. At least he
>> left you one way out and helped at least those 7
>> people he killed get cured of opiate addiction ;-)
>> "
>> Opiate addiction is a chronic, lifelong and fatal
>> disease. It is incurable, but treatable. It is
>> manageable, but challenging. Recognizing these facts
>> is imperative in treating a patient who is addicted
>> to heroin or other opiates. 
>> The fact that opiate addiction is a chronic,
>> lifelong and fatal disease is underscored and
>> supported by a study released in May, 2001 and
>> published in the Archives of General Psychiatry. The
>> study, conducted by Haer, Hoffman, Grelia and
>> Anglin, followed 581 opiate addicts over a 33-year
>> period. The most significant fact of this study is
>> this: after 33 years, half of these addicts were
>> dead. The study tells us that the average age at
>> death was 57, which indicates that this disease
>> considerably shortens the lives of patients who
>> suffer from it. 
>> Even though the facts of this study support the
>> conclusion that opiate addiction is a lifelong,
>> fatal disease, there is a misconception that addicts
>> somehow have control over this powerful and
>> destructive condition, that they should try harder,
>> or just abstain and everything will be okay. But
>> this is completely false, and detrimental to the
>> treatment and health of patients with the disease of
>> addiction. Opiate addiction is a recurrent illness,
>> characterized by multiple relapses. The relapses are
>> part and parcel of the illness, similar to the
>> development of new malignancies in cancer, or a
>> history of heart attacks or arrhythmias in people
>> with heart disease. 
>> Regarding opiate addiction as a lifelong disease
>> really requires a paradigm shift in the way
>> addiction is viewed. It is, in fact, no different
>> from diseases like cancer or heart disease, or other
>> chronic, fatal diseases."
>> On Sun, 05 Jan 2003 11:02:02 -0800 "Patrick K.
>> Kroupa" <digital at phantom.com> wrote:
>> >
>> >There is nothing I can possibly say that expresses
>> any of it better 
>> >than
>> >what Lance has to say for himself.  What is
>> stunning and absolutely 
>> >blows
>> >my mind, is how proud he is of creating this little
>> paradigm, and 
>> >so
>> >loving it that he has willingly filled his mind
>> with this shit, 
>> >crawled
>> >inside it, and appears to be happy living locked
>> inside a box and 
>> >ruled by
>> >fear. 
>> >
>> >This is Lance Gooberman's headspace, he splatters
>> it all over the 
>> >place
>> >and spends all his free time attempting to inflict
>> his beliefs upon 
>> >anyone
>> >stupid enough to want a UROD.
>> >
>> >152 slides of the contents of Lance's head.  Truly
>> a beautiful place,
>> >
>> >filled with a lot of beauty, strength and hope: 
>> >
>> >http://www.lancegooberman.com/tutorial.htm
>> >
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