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Sun Jan 5 17:10:35 EST 2003

>  >Preston, who is this Peter Hoyle guy, and why do Latimer and Hager 
>have him trashing Ibogaine in the pages of HIGH TIMES? I must 
>confess I missed it, but I would have thought you would have posted 
>any mention of ibo in the magazine to the list.<
>I don't know about this, don't know who Hoyle is, haven't seen what 
>you're talking about, I'm innocent...well, ignorant of this anyway. 
>What issue is it in?

He's the only critic of Ibogaine the Georgia Straight could find, 
apparently. And the reason for that was he was already on record in 
High Times. But I said I didn't know what issue. The Georgia Straight 
merely cited it, they didn't a complete citation.

I thought maybe you could find out more easily than the rest of us. 
The importance lies in the rest of what this guy is saying, which 
seems to be the new line of the Ibogaine skeptics: "...American drug 
researcher Peter
Hoyle, ...according to a recent High Times article, doesn't think 
there's enough evidence to warrant human
trials--especially since the mechanism of ibogaine's action isn't understood."

[Which isn't true, according to JAMA. More like they're not bothering 
to find out HOW it works since they're interested, period--because 
they don't believe it works and don't want to contemplate that they 
might be wrong. But that was kind of what Jonathon Ott was saying 
also. The new mantra, replacing Ann Ardolino and "Ibogain doesn't 

>  >What do you think of Marc Emery's new, Iboga House model of the 
>movement? Pretty neat, huh?<
>It's more than pretty neat, it's really, really, very neat. ;p-))))
>  >Imagine the High Times trustees subsidizing an Ibogaine clinic.<
>Ok, I'm imagining it.
>  >No, kappa is one first effects identified with ibogaine. What 
>kappa does is, acutely, to stop overdose, but then over time, to 
>upregulate the effect of mu, which overwise  would engender 
>Huh? Are you still talking about Salvia being an agonist of opiates? 
>What's kappa? What's mu? And again I ask, will using Salvia kick in 
>dope withdrawals if someone is using dope? Regardless of whether 
>they've used ibogaine or not?

That was what I started out talking about. kappa and mu are both 
opiate receptor types. They just do different things, is all. Mu is 
what you get from heroin. Kappa--dynophin.

I thought everyone knew their opiate receptor subtypes.

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