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Cheery guy.

I'm only on slide 10 so far. His theory is that opiate addiction can be cured by dying. At least he left you one way out and helped at least those 7 people he killed get cured of opiate addiction ;-)

Opiate addiction is a chronic, lifelong and fatal disease. It is incurable, but treatable. It is manageable, but challenging. Recognizing these facts is imperative in treating a patient who is addicted to heroin or other opiates. 

The fact that opiate addiction is a chronic, lifelong and fatal disease is underscored and supported by a study released in May, 2001 and published in the Archives of General Psychiatry. The study, conducted by Haer, Hoffman, Grelia and Anglin, followed 581 opiate addicts over a 33-year period. The most significant fact of this study is this: after 33 years, half of these addicts were dead. The study tells us that the average age at death was 57, which indicates that this disease considerably shortens the lives of patients who suffer from it. 

Even though the facts of this study support the conclusion that opiate addiction is a lifelong, fatal disease, there is a misconception that addicts somehow have control over this powerful and destructive condition, that they should try harder, or just abstain and everything will be okay. But this is completely false, and detrimental to the treatment and health of patients with the disease of addiction. Opiate addiction is a recurrent illness, characterized by multiple relapses. The relapses are part and parcel of the illness, similar to the development of new malignancies in cancer, or a history of heart attacks or arrhythmias in people with heart disease. 

Regarding opiate addiction as a lifelong disease really requires a paradigm shift in the way addiction is viewed. It is, in fact, no different from diseases like cancer or heart disease, or other chronic, fatal diseases."

On Sun, 05 Jan 2003 11:02:02 -0800 "Patrick K. Kroupa" <digital at phantom.com> wrote:
>There is nothing I can possibly say that expresses any of it better 
>what Lance has to say for himself.  What is stunning and absolutely 
>my mind, is how proud he is of creating this little paradigm, and 
>loving it that he has willingly filled his mind with this shit, 
>inside it, and appears to be happy living locked inside a box and 
>ruled by
>This is Lance Gooberman's headspace, he splatters it all over the 
>and spends all his free time attempting to inflict his beliefs upon 
>stupid enough to want a UROD.
>152 slides of the contents of Lance's head.  Truly a beautiful place,
>filled with a lot of beauty, strength and hope: 

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