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It is an antagonist like naltrexone that will
precipitate withdrawals, not an agonist like
methadone/morphine/salvia/ibogaine... In any case
Ibogaine still works (though less) when given an
antagonist to an opiate addicted person.

> Huh? Are you still talking about Salvia being an
> agonist of opiates? What's kappa? What's mu? And
> again I ask, will using Salvia kick in dope
> withdrawals if someone is using dope? Regardless of
> whether they've used ibogaine or not?
> Peace,
> Preston
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>     >i wonder if that (it being helpful) might have
> anything to do with it
>     being a partial opiate agonist.<
>     What do you mean- Salvia kicks in withdrawals if
> used?
>     Peace,
>     Preston
>   No, kappa is one first effects identified with
> ibogaine. What kappa does is, acutely, to stop
> overdose, but then over time, to upregulate the
> effect of mu, which overwise  would engender
> tolerance.
>   Preston, who is this Peter Hoyle guy, and why do
> Latimer and Hager have him trashing Ibogaine in the
> pages of HIGH TIMES? I must confess I missed it, but
> I would have thought you would have posted any
> mention of ibo in the magazine to the list.
>   What do you think of Marc Emery's new, Iboga House
> model of the movement? Pretty neat, huh?
>   Imagine the High Times trustees subsidizing an
> Ibogaine clinic.
>   Dana/cnw

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