Reminiscing about treatment pimp abuse

Randy Hencken randyhencken at
Sun Jan 5 04:05:34 EST 2003

Right before I got clean, I was taken 85 mg of pink juice and slamming 
somewhere around $100 a day worth of dope in good old belushi style 
speedball fashion.  So when I returnded from mexico after my ibo trip I was 
pretty pleased to have been needle free for a few weeks.  Naturally, I felt 
rocky in the stability of my recovery, I had returned to using after 
detoxing several times before.  I was willining to do whatever it took to 
ensure a one way trip away from being a junkie.  Searching for a 
therapist/pyschiatrist to work with I came across a jackass, I mean doctor 
named Dr. Rand, here in San Diego.  I had been referred to Dr. Rand by 
another psychiatrist office in town saying that Dr. Rand was a 
speacilist/expert in addicition.

Dr. Rand told me that I was an addict and that the only way he could cure me 
is by giving me a brain transplant from a monkey.  It was already 2001 and 
he hadn't even heard of ibogaine.  Did he not have a computer?  I learned 
about ibogaine in 1993 attending a hashbash in ann arbor where Dana spoke.  
I then found ibogaine on a the net in 1996 before I used dope looking up 
addiction and heroin.  Had this addiciton speaclist never explored these 
words online?  And when I shared with the fine doctor that I had been 
smoking pot to releive my residual withdrawal symptoms, he told me I wasn't 
even detoxed yet.

Fortunately I knew Dr. Rand was full of shit.  I had already done my own 
research and studying.  I knew that I wasn't inflicted with a permanant 
disease. This wasn't my first experience with the cult.  I wasn't going to 
let them brainwash me again.  I was able to think for myself (Thanks Tim).  
His office billed me $60 for the miserable visit.  I never paid it.   After 
I was off dope for 6 months I called them and told them to quit sending me 
bills, I wasn't gonna pay em, I'm not shooting dope and I don't have a 
monkey brain.

I paid every single cent of every debt I accumulated while I was living the 
life of a junkie, but I never paid Dr. Rand.

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