Ibogaine mentioned in article/book

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Fri Jan 3 09:25:29 EST 2003


Dream with Me for a Moment
An excerpt from Phillip Day's new book "The Mind Game"
Due for release through Credence, July 2002

"Predictably, psychiatry was to pioneer another drug
to cure the methadone problem. This time 'ibogaine'
became the hope for an end to the addictions, which
psychiatry itself had brokered. However ibogaine's
notorious reputation gained it a Class 1 regulation
(dangerous and of no medical value) and treatment with
it was outlawed in the United States. Bruce Wiseman
sums up:

"The lessons of heroin and methadone have been poorly
learned by our mental health experts. Most drug
addicts already feel they are in a netherworld from
which there may be no return and, so far, these
experts and their experimental cures have only led
them deeper into it." 


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