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Bill Ross ross at cgl.ucsf.EDU
Thu Jan 2 13:21:23 EST 2003

> > > I have dosed over 200 people on DMT 
> > 
> > Marc, what form of DMT?
> Pure synthesized DMT and extracted Arcasia tree bark DMT

This sounds like a smoked or injected format? I understand
that the smoked/injected experience is rather 'interior' to the
person, very strong and short-lived compared to the oral,
DMT-plus-MAO-inhibitor experience afforded by ayahuasca. For
an ongoing follow-up treatment for addicts, I think the latter
might be worth considering, in that it is more social. In this
case it would be interesting to see which format of session
worked best, e.g. more ritual or less. From the MAPS link below:

  The ritualization of induced modifications of consciousness, 
  with or without substances, establishes a universal symbolic 
  frame within which these experiences acquire significance by 
  allowing the individual to inscribe himself within a model of
  cultural integration.

(Remembering that the addict's post-ibo challenge is to come up
with a new model of cultural integration, this quote raises the
possibility that ritual alone may be useful - and may be part
of any success that 12-step programs can claim.. of course the
ritual would need to be appropriate to the situation.)

Some links on ayahuasca treatment of drug addiction:


Bill Ross

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