extract vs HCL?

Will willewonka at burntmail.com
Thu Feb 27 23:42:00 EST 2003


Could people with experience with both iboga extracts and HCL offer more info on the differences, relative advantages/disadvantages, etc.I've seen metaphors like "cartoonish", "opening head with crowbar", "forgiving", etc. Could you explain these in more detail?

Also, how  do the substances differ in terms of
- physical effects/side effects
- psychological effects, visuals, alteration of perception, cognition, etc
- control of experience (if there's any element of this with either substance)
- pleasantness/unpleasantness
- ability to understand experience/integrate lessons from it
- affect on addiction/cravings/withdrawal symptoms, etc.

Also, suggestions on reasons/situations that would be better to use one or the other would be helpful. Thank you.


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