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Thu Feb 27 22:40:53 EST 2003

--- crownofthorns at hushmail.com wrote:
> If you want to help people then why not do that. I thought that
> posting information and sharing what youre doing is great but the
> past days are starting to be like the twilight zone and this place
> was already the twilight zone before you got here but not a sinister
> episode only a weird one.
> Peace out,
> Curtis

Two minutes of clicking the mindvox web site confirms this captain :)
Welcome to ibogaine :) 


When you're tired of the Lesser of Two Evils: Cthulhu for President

'Scuse me, gotta go ... I have my Parole Officer hanging on a Meathook
in the Basement

If you Experience Problems: Call your Dealer, Rent a Shrink, or go Buy
a Gun

This is NOT the Summer of Love

It's Just Like 6 Months of REM Sleep in 6 Hours!

MindVox: Where the Customer is Always Wrong

" Power Corrupts . Absolute Power is Kinda Neat "

"... And most of all, what Really Sucks, is Everything and All of Us"

Active Ingredients: LSD25 / Crack / Heroin / Ibogaine

"Hate, if you want to hate.  If it keeps you safe.  If it makes you

Hey do0d ... Got any Monteka?

MindVox Transcendental Enlightenment Temple / Heroin Maintenance Clinic

"The Needle and The Damage Done"

Welcome to the MindVox Reform School for Wayward Supermodels

Straight Outta Detox

Welcome to: Tranquility Acres, Therapeutic Community

Now Includes: Fully Integrated Messiah Complex

Psychedelic Temple of The Apocalypse

DSM-IV Simplified: (Please Select) [1] Completely Fucking Crazy, or [2]
Full of Shit.

"Great Spirits have always encountered Violent Opposition from Mediocre

Live at CBGB's: Gweeds with Unicorn Rainbow & The Trustafarians

Moderation's Alright...  As long as there's a LOT of it.

"In the Church of my Heart, the Choir's on Fire."

"All That Glitters... has a High Refractive Index"

Erase Me Debase Me Freebase Me

"You Are Exactly Where God Wants You To Be"

Post-human, Fully Deconstructed and Completely Incoherent

Use Once and Destroy

Merry Apocalypse and a Happy Kali Yuga

Hosted by: The International Flat Earth Society

Powered by: Mechanical Resonance

Today's vocabulary word: Pedohomonecropyrobestiality

Powered by: the Spirit of Psychedelic Cannibal Pygmies

Live Long and Prosper / Fuck Off and Die

Why do you have to be Such a Bitch?

It's all Spiritual n' Shit

To All The Drugs that I've Done: This One's For You

Hmmm... Hammer, Cranial Saw, WD40, Drugs, Necronomicon, Bowling Ball,
Open Mind...

"In Philip K. Dick We Trust"

"I'm a GENIUS! I want to dispute sentence structure with SUSAN SONTAG!"

Now Includes: "a Strange Fractal Quality that Self-Organizes across All

Dis is da Slowest Fuckin' McDonalds I evah bin in. And I bin all ovah
de whirld.

" .Not All Who Wander are Lost. "

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