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Howard, you may not have said 'forgiving'. In the conversation when I was
explaining ibogaine's apparent compatability with all the different types of
people with individual physiologies, mental states, etc. and producing
desirable results in each without any apparent harm to them (even as we have
treated people with HEP C, MS, and other diseases), you mused that it was
amazing how ibogaine can do these things without  significant
contra-indications. Of course, you warned me in the same conversation that
'Its the first one that doesn't go right that will create serious problems
for you.' and you worried about me.

Thats what I meant when I drew that word out of the conversation.

Marc Emery
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> In a message dated 2/27/03 4:34:34 PM, marc420emery at writes:
> >Howard Lotsof has remarked that the INDRA extract is 'forgiving', meaning
> >it is a bit softer to handle than the pure Ibogaine hydrochloride. If you
> >were doing this on your own, in conjunction with a good friend who is
> >sitter/monitor/emergency person, the INDRA extract or ethnogarden extract
> >will do well. If you were going to an experienced Iboga person in Europe,
> >any of the three would do well with that supervision.
> Marc,
> Sorry to this matter and I might chalk it to memory lapses from
> on my part but, I have no recollection of indicating the INDRA extract as
> "forgiving".  It is not my language and I have no practical experience
> the INDRA product so I doubt I would have provided that particular
> I know how busy you must be and I myself have found that I cannot quite
> identify who said what on more than a single occasion.
> In case there is any concern, this is not an attack on Marc.
> Concerning this list recently, every list I have been on during my list
> history of about ten years periodically goes a bit amuck.  I think that
> Calabrese's post "Re: [ibogaine] Marc's comments on Carla's remarks" of
> date, 2.27.03, begins to address the value of all providers and the
> understanding of ibogaine therapy and the therapies they have made
> And, Marc, in case I did make the statement that I have denied, I hope you
> will be as forgiving as the INDRA product.
> With regards and turning 60 on Saturday.  I'm amazed.
> Howard

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