[ibogaine] If you dose yourself, here is what you should do

Randy Hencken randyhencken at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 24 20:58:10 EST 2003

I think this latest conversation has been very intriguing.

Marc, I like you.  I like what you do.  I think it is wonderful that you are 
helping out so many people in need.  If I lived in Vancouver I would have 
voted for you.  Keep doing what you're doing it is awesome.  If we are ever 
in the same place at the same time I would like to get together for dinner 
or something, my treat.

Marko, I like you too.  You (usually) give very grounded advice.

Curtis, I also like you.  You are a thinker, a researcher and make 
provocative comments/insights.  What do you do?  I will now respond to this: 
"If a gram costs less then $200, where does the other $3,000 you want for 
treatment go to?"

We are charging for a service, not just ibo.  The money goes to pay for our 
staff, our facility, our van, insurance, medical equipment, food, etc.  We 
would love to be able to give all our treatments for free, however that 
would be impossible.  Maybe many years from now circumstances will change 
and we will be able to.  Right now we still live in a society where things 
cost money.  We are not getting rich down here (I live check to check, and I 
drive an 88 ford).  I hope that this gives you some clearer perspective on 
what it costs to run a treatment center.  Marc says that it costs him $1000 
out of his own pocket for each patient he treats. You really have no idea 
what are financial situation is or how much we charge on average or how many 
clients we treat.  You are making assumptions.

Also, the charity work we have done has proven to have little success.  
Unfortunately, people (at least the several that we have helped) do not 
appreciate what they get for free.

>'There are individuals who advertise on the Internet and they might charge 
>less for their treatment but you need to be aware that they administer 
>treatment in hotel rooms, have no formal training in handling emergencies 
>and might be reluctant to take a patient with complications to the ER.'

This is on our website because we feel that it is unfair to an individual to 
be manipulated into going to treatment where they are expecting the services 
that we do offer only to find out they are in a hotel room someplace.  
People who wish to do ibo should make an informed choice and not be lied to. 
  How about asking some of these practitioners why they are charging several 
thousand dollars.  Where is their overhead?

>And followed by a stab as Mash without naming her 'The Ibogaine Association 
>is the most active program with the greatest number of patients per month. 
>Our goal is to provide safe treatment in a comfortable environment, 
>accessible and at a reasonable price. There are no hidden costs with our 
>program. Licensed physicians with extensive experience administering 
>ibogaine are constantly present and supervising the treatment. Beware of 
>ibogaine treatment centers that talk negatively about their colleagues, or 
>use scare tactics to get you into their program. Some centers are overly 
>expensive, so listen to what they say with skepticism, as the advice from 
>these "experts" will not be objective. There are other treatment providers 
>advertising on the Internet who do not administer ibogaine under medical 
>supervision. Our main interest is to help as many people as possible, by 
>making this new treatment financially reasonable and by providing adequate 
>medical care.'

Despite several pleas to mash's staff to stop an onslaught of defamatory 
comments about us and our doctors, her staff continues.  I speak with people 
every week who talk both to us and HV and they tell me the things that HV 
says to try and discredit us.  So this is a proactive statement.

Again, people can do what they wish.  I wish for them to make an informed 
choice about where and how they do ibo. They pay us for a quality of service 
that includes being tended to by doctors and nurses.  What do you think it 
costs to go to other non-ibo treatment centers?  What would it cost to have 
a physician at your service for three to six days in the U.S.?


Oh and BTW, Brett, I like you too, you always have a lot to offer here.

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