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At 18:54 24.2.2003, you wrote:
>No, I haven't ingested ibogaine, not even a milligram. I don't believe I 
>qualify for the criteria we have set out at Iboga Thgerapy House, that its 
>to be used for individuals with self-destructive drug dependency problems 
>or individuals with repetitive & self-destructive behaviour patterns. 
>However, one (Linette)  of our two permanent facillitators has tried a 
>full dose with remarkable results about four weeks ago.

I used to work with some people who haven't ingested IBO. Every time we met 
they wanted me to rise HCl prices. They knew this was a GOOD bussiness! 
Then they started to place advertising on Internet and in newspapers, 
something like this: 100% solution to addiction! We use Ibogaine! Call...

I don't work with them anymore ;-))

Btw, how did you like Linette's yesterday's lunch? Was your stomach full?

>No one has pointed out how IBOGA extract may be unsafe, how this has been 
>established? Five or six deaths over 35+ years does not indict the Iboga 
>Extract. Those deaths appears to be related to iboga in conjunction with 
>other unhealthy situations. Similar to when pot and alcohol show up in a 
>coroner's report, the two are in the system, but the cannabis did not in 
>any way cause death. I have not seen a coroner's report hold iboga or 
>ibogaine responsible for any death.

Neither have I. But I did IBO.
Your pot & alco comparison could be different, lets say: when somebody on 
acid thinks he can fly and throws himself out of window in 15th floor (and 
there's no balcony there ;-)) then acid did not in any way cause death. 
Impact with concrete did.

>20,000 - 50,000 people worldwide must have experienced iboga, iboga 
>extract, Ibogaine HCI in the last 35 years, and I cannot see any evidence 
>in the science or anecdotal evidence that implicates iboga in death or 
>even in serious injury.

My guess is that you underestimate IBO experiences
Evidence? What about Sara's recent testimony, for example?

>Good health screening protocols are very helpful and we certainly do this 
>at ITH.

I agree they are helpful. But I wonder what kind of screening protocol 
Bwiti have... Just imagine that you're 12 and you HAVE TO do this, 
otherwise you're not "real" man. What can stop you??? What kind of 
screening protocol?
Or imagine that you're 33 and you HAVE TO stop drugs, otherwise you're dead 
in a few months. What can stop you??? What kind of screening protocol?

>  In fact, our screening protocol is probably more thorough than any other 
> facility outside of the doctor run facillities in the West Indies, Panama 
> and Mexico.

Congratulations! You're the best! Again.


Anyway, it makes me wonder how you know ALL screening protocols from 
EVERYBODY that provides treatments....

>I believe if an ordinary person follows our procedures, an individual 
>could very safely have an iboga experience. This insistence that what I am 
>saying is 'reckless' sounds to me like the way priesthood's insist they 
>are the conduit to God, that only they know 'iboga's' true power. That 
>individual autonomy somehow here is dangerous, and that an elite class of 
>practitioners is required.

I believe this is about Sacrament of Transition. But, funny enough, the 
main point in this religion is that individual ingests IBO in order to have 
a chance to have direct contact with God. Priests only help those 
individuals. Anyone has right to know IBO's true power, and everyone gets 
what God gives him. No middle man. No side interpretations. No bullshit.

>  I believe if you can get to a place like Iboga Therapy House, thats the 
> best option possibly. But if I were an addicted person far away from a 
> place like ITH, and I had a serious think about iboga, I would find the 
> risk very attractive viz. the potential benefits.

I don't believe that. Why? It's very simple: you don't know what you use. 
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I assume you don't have the slightest idea how 
much of what is in Indra extract!

Or do you?

If you want to find out at least the content of Ibogaine in two Indra 
samples, then dig into archives of this list (or is that Calyx?)  and find 
my message with lab findings. If you don't have time to dig, I can tell 
you: The difference is so big that I decided NOT to use Indra extract, 
despite lower price!

There are so many unknown things about IBO that I certanly want to keep as 
much control and predictability as possible.

God does the rest ;-))

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