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Are there articles on ibogaine available? If so is it possible to send me? If not, where can I locate them?
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  Regarding Ray Wanless' call for detention centers for addicts, why 
  should taxpayers foot the bill for MONTHS of inpatient treatment when 
  the latest developments in medicine make it possible to use the same 
  bed over and over again until ALL the addicts who want treatment get 

  Think about it: What if the only reason there's currently a shortage 
  of treatment beds for addicts is that we're not using the latest 
  technology to cut the length of inpatient treatment?

  Have you heard of Ibogaine?  Even today, after dozens of articles in 
  the press and scientific journals, most people are not aware what a 
  breakthrough Ibogaine is in the treatment of addictions.

  This rainforest alkaloid has been reported to act as an addiction 
  interrupter across a wide spectrum of abused substances, legal and 
  illegal, in more more than 200 peer-reviewed scientific papers. A 
  unique effect is the simultaneous loss of multiple addictions--for 
  example opiates, meth-amphetamine, crack, alcohol and 
  cigarettes--after as little as a single treatment.

  Ibogaine is the first pharmacotherapy where, when the treatment wears 
  off, addicts are free of both physical withdrawal and psychological 
  craving. And where opioid maintenance (methadone) or blockers 
  (naltrexone) fail to address the underlying dopaminergic disorder 
  (craving), re-treatment with Ibogaine (should uncontrollable cravings 
  re-cur, or in the event or relapse) is safe and easy.
  With Ibogaine, the acute phase that requires bed-rest takes just two 
  days. Even with a period to keep them under observation in case you 
  have to administer another, smaller dose after 4 to 6 days for 
  residual cravings, folks can be back at work in just under two weeks. 
  The stumbling block, as always, is funding--plus lack of the support 
  Ibogaine would have if more people realized it's not some far-off 
  possibility in the distant future, but an option already available in 
  British Columbia.  Marc Emery of Cannabis Culture magazine is 
  currently operating an Ibogaine clinic on the Sunshine Coast.

  He writes: "My adopted son, a heroin and methadone addict for 4 
  years, along with his girlfriend of 4 years (also addicted), were 
  administered iboga (3,800 mg whole extract, for my son, 2,800 mg. for 
  the woman) 25 days ago. I saw them at day 21, transformed from 
  hollowed, gaunt, dazed lethargy (and all those illnesses!), into 
  healthy, robust individuals. I was staggered."

  Ironically, in Africa tabernanthe iboga is considered a sacred plant, 
  and is used in a rite of passage to initiate young people into 

  Dana Beal/co-Founder, CURES not WARS/212-677-4899.

  P.S: The current backlog at Iboga House is only about 8 weeks. To get 
  a loved one in now, call (604) 842-1023 or email 
  info at ibogatherapyhouse.org . Marc says there wouldn't be a backlog -- 
  if the government would pay for it!

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