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I'm not on drugs. But you my friend, are drunk. And at the edge of the roof. Be careful.
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"(Amerikkka) still remains as the best place in the World to live in". Yeah, I guess it is the best place to live in if you don't give a rat's ass about the planet or any of the life forms on it.  Wake up, look in the mirror, and fuck off you warmonger. Amerikkka could be the best place in the world if it had a quarter ounce of humanity left in its soul. Itss fucks like you that make me want to move to Jupiter. 
 "A. Artze Associates" <aaasj at coqui.net> wrote: "Excuse ME, but did we install a Democracy in Kuwait after the Gulf War? How
about the Saudi's that we support after 15 of the 19 hijackers came from
Saudi Arabia? Dare I mention our most recent "Democracy" Afghanistan?"
Totally agree, except Kuwait, someone mentioned the installation of Democracy an asinine idea considering they never were to begin with, Bush Sr. said it all, when he blurted out it was about Oil - yes he does belong to the Oil Mafia! Afghanistan, is a complete waste of tax payers money, those people know nothing except how to kill one another, they have been doing it that way for thousands of years!As to the Saudi's, as we here in the US hold parents responsible for the damages that they cause, we should inform the Saudi's that they owe us BIGTIME! Even with our guttered Constitution, it still remains as the best place in the World to live in, perfect it's not, to be sure. But good enough for many immigrants to flood to our shores and do here what they could never do back where they are from! As a New Yorker, road rage is exactly the perfect way to put it, this is what I feel, especially after 9/11. Carter and Clinton made us look like "paper tigers" as we were described by UBL! I'm for gaining respect, even if it means kicking butt! Hyper power, as told to us by a wanna be power, whose History sucks!Try this one on for size!
An actual letter home from a marine with the multinational force in Bosnia:
 Dear Dad,
 A funny thing happened to me yesterday at Camp Bondsteel (Bosnia):
 A French army officer walked up to me in the PX, and told me he
 thought we Americans) were a bunch of cowboys and were going to
 provoke a war in Iraq. He said if such a thing happens, we wouldn't be
 able to count on the support of France. I told him that it didn't
 surprise me. Since we had come to France's rescue in World War I, World
 War II, Vietnam, and the Cold War, their ingratitude and jealousy was
 due to surface [again] at some point in the near future anyway. 
 I also told him that is why France is a third-rate military power with a
 socialist economy and a bunch of pansies for soldiers. I additionally
 told him that America, being a nation of deeds and action, not word! s,
 would do whatever it had to do, and France's support, if it ever came,
 was only for show anyway.
  Just like in ALL NATO exercises, the US would shoulder 85% of the
 burden, and provide 85% of the support, as evidenced by the fact
 that this French officer was shopping in the American PX, and not the
 other way around. He began to get belligerent at that point, and I told
 him if he would like to, I would meet him outside in front of the
 Burger King and whip his ass in front of the entire Multi-National
 Brigade East, thus demonstrating that even the smallest American had
 more fight in him than the average Frenchman. He called me a barbarian
 cowboy and walked away in a huff.With friends like these, who needs
 Dad, tell Mom I love her,
 Your loving daughter,
 Mary Beth Johnson
 LtCol., USMC
If we don't continue the Desert Storm War, because it is not a preemptive strike, but a continuation of Desert Storm, then we should consider pulling out, and I mean pull our, bring ALL our soldiers back from where ever they are, leave the UN and NATO, and ask the UN to find some place else to meet. Close our borders tight, bring back Civil Rights (for citizens only) and let everyone else handle the world problems. We are only appreciated when we are giving, but as in every game, if its my money, its my rules, otherwise do it yourselves!AAA
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Dear Whomever wrote to Marko and didn't  sign you name. You wrote:

Take your un American attitude and FUCK OFF! In fact go back to Russia
where you came from where the Mafia is growing at full strength!
Yes, America is not perfect, then why the hell are the immigrants flooding
our gates!>>>

I guess that the best answer is that those flooding our shores do not know
that our Constitution has recently been gutted !

<<<We may not be perfect, but who needs to be liked, just respect us or get
your ass kicked!>>>

Something like road rage, except on an international level.

<<<The Idiot in Charge here, is in office for a limited amount of time
only, the idiots in charge in countries like Iraq and N. Korea are there
until they die, then they pass on the power to their children! >>>

Don't look now but I think the reigns of power have pass! ed from father to
son with one president in between, and even then GWB was elected by the
Supreme Court not the Florida/United States electorate.

<<<The rest of the Middle East do not want us to take out Iraq, as we have
the nasty habit of installing Democracies, something that tends to threaten
their own ways as there is nothing but Dictatorships over their. Nuts like
the one in N. Korea we can do without.>>>

Excuse ME, but did we install a Democracy in Kuwait after the Gulf War? How
about the Saudi's that we support after 15 of the 19 hijackers came from
Saudi Arabia? Dare I mention our most recent "Democracy" Afghanistan?
Karzai was a lobbyist for Unical Oil trying to get the pipeline through the
country  in which he now is "UNELECTED PRESIDENT" Indeed the US tried to
bring the King back, but couldn't pull it off. Do not forget that Enron/Ken
Lay/ Carlyle Group/Daddy Bush/Delta Oil are/were the benefact! ors of the
pipeline, Enron, is now out of it for obvious reasons.The head of Delta Oil
is the former head of BCCI, a joint venturer with George Bush the Elder,
and his sister is married to Bin Laden, the US has established 5 military
bases in Afghanistan along the proposed route of the pipeline,  I could go
on, but I hope you are getting the picture.

<<< The Afghanis don't know anything except about killing one another and
we should pull out and let them kill themselves. Everyone has short
memories regarding the good the US does!
But I will tell you something, if I had my way, I'm pull out all US troops
from all over the world, and let everyone handle their own problems. Then I
would leave the useless UN and NATO, and secure our borders. If someone
fucks with us, I'd nuke them and let it go at that! One can not be a cure
all, but one does not need to take shit either! >>>

I do not know how to respond to! this, except to remind you that WW1 started
when an Arch Duke was assasinated, and things  escalated from there. PLEASE
correct me if I am wrong, but I believe that Marko's two posts were
factually correct.

Jon Ludlam

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