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Good, now be nice and get me off this merry-go-round!
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  At 19:32 19.2.2003, you wrote:
  > >2. Do you know that in WTC used to work around 3.500 Jews, and none of them
  > >came to work on 9/11? How come? Have Muslims told them that they were
  > >planning attack to WTC on that day? Or were they told by someone else?
  >Ok, now I'm all for the plausibility that our government had some role in
  >9/11, but that no Jews died in the WTC is simply not true. I'm from a Jewish
  >family, and one of our friends died in the attack.
  >By spreading false rumours like that, you're almost as bad as the reactionary
  >putzes who want to attack Iraq out of vengence...

  Sorry... I apologise... It's my lack of knowledge of english language plus 
  the speed of typing with which I'm trying to follow my thoughts that are 
  responsible for this... But mainly I was correct, I think ;-)

  And I decided not to fill people's E-mailboxes with this off-topic anymore!



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