[ibogaine] Iraq- articulate insight

Ustanova Iboga Iboga at guest.arnes.si
Wed Feb 19 09:03:56 EST 2003

AAA, you are unbeliveable!

You think that 9/11 is the righteous cause for USA attacking Iraq, right? 
And you thik that Muslims attacked on that day, right? OK, then tell me 
just 2 things:

1. Check http://www.asile.org/citoyens/numero13/pentagone/erreurs_en.htm 
and let me know where are parts of Boeing 757 which supposedly crashed into 
Pentagon? (from those official photos it seems to me that Pentagon was hit 
by a US missile - much more reasonable explain! Even more, all space around 
Pentagon is electronically protected, so this missile had to be equipped 
with friendly navigation codes, otherwise it could never approach Pentagon, 
much less hit it!)

2. Do you know that in WTC used to work around 3.500 Jews, and none of them 
came to work on 9/11? How come? Have Muslims told them that they were 
planning attack to WTC on that day? Or were they told by someone else?

Must be a nice life, being rich, old american, living in a cheap foreign 
county, accepting whatever you want to - and who cares about facts!

I have a suggestion: if you're really for kicking Muslim butts, why don't 
you go to one of the cities in Puerto Rico (or wherever you live), find a 
Muslim or two and kick their butts as much as you can!?? Maybe this would 
be a relief for you, and you could write about this to this list - if 
you'll be still alive a few hours later!


At 14:10 19.2.2003, you wrote:
>In short, the War is going to cost big-time, in actuality, Bush and his 
>pals will enrich themselves!
>Still I'm for kicking Muslim Butts!
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