[ibogaine] Iraq...perhaps everyone should read this and THINK!!!

Rick raven at sybercom.net
Wed Feb 19 08:14:24 EST 2003

The 14th was the day Mother Russia put all her cards on the board and
demonstrated that she controlled the Caspian oil basin. Over 50% of the
world's oil is now under control by "the other side." It's nothing more
than a great big war game...like supremacy...except it's a lot more
complicated. Ideological warfare, Information warfare (not just
computers), etc. Put all the pieces on a board and track backward thru

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>Enough of the verbal warfare.on Feb. 14th, the whole balance of world
>power shifted.everything else is just for show.

Why was the 14th different from any other arbitrary day?  Just ignorant.
disputing any presentation you may provide.


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