[ibogaine] Iraq

jon ludlam seraphina at compuserve.com
Tue Feb 18 19:53:19 EST 2003

Dear AAA,
After reading Prestons post, I also have to admit to thread creeping, but I
believe, in light of the number of US Soldiers who have returned to US soil
addicted when arriving home, and were NOT that way when they left, I shall
try to squeak under the wire. I do not know if you had the pleasure of
getting one of these "Greetings, your friends and neighbors have selected
you to serve in the US military" letters or if you volunteered. South East
Asia's Golden Triangle, run by South Viet Nam Generals for the most part,
ruined many a fine American Youth. Indeed the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution was
a Fairy Tale according to Robert MacNamara then Secretary of Defense. No
attack ever occurred, but we were there because of the LIE. Things will not
get any better without holding the government accountable. To date that is
not happening. It is not my intent to argue with anyone as it serves no
purpose. I will say that the white house has admitted that the British,
Germans, Egyptians, and Israelis all told us of  the the attack plans prior
to 911 and Dubya (W) was briefed in August 8, 2001. The white house line is
that (according to Ari Fleisher) the documents were not translated in time,
and were completed on 9-12-01a month and four days after the briefing. MUST
HAVE BEEN REAL HIGH PRIORITY. The Aussies told us of Pearl Harbor four days
prior, but it was a weekend so no one notified Admiral Kimmel at PACIFIC
I guess that I am Just saying that I LOVE MY COUNTRY, BUT I DO NOT TRUST MY
GOVERNMENT, for the above reasons and MANY more. Also the Gentle Lady
Marine forgot to mention that without France it is VERY doubtful that we
would have won the American Revolution. I think that they gave us the
Statue of Liberty as well. I enjoy New York frequently and lived there on
two occasions, Brooklyn and upper East side Manahatten, and wish you the
Jon Ludlam

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