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Ustanova Iboga Iboga at guest.arnes.si
Tue Feb 18 12:12:48 EST 2003

Hey, I can't get it that you can be THAT blind!

read your E-mail once again and try to understand what you've written!! 
You're blind, aren't you? It's not France and Germany selling equipment to 
Iraq, it's your beloved, spotless USA!! What do you think, how your secret 
agencies know what Iraq has? Because they've sold that (whatever) to it!

And don't forget that during the WW2 USA was the leading nation, proud with 
democracy and so on... but now, where's the democracy? All you have is a 
lot of fear, a president that was not elected by people but by oil lobbies 
(and as you wrote yourself, he doesn't want no alternative energy around, 
because he's a Mafia member), and threatened "American way of life".

And everything seems to be even worse in the future :-((

Which country has large quantities of nuclear, chemical and biological 
weapons, and an idiot in charge??

I've seen results of an opinion pool yesterday. Question was: Who is at the 
moment the biggest threat to world peace? And almost 90% decided it is USA, 
7% were for Iraq and 3% for Corea.

Now, think a little before you advertise a country which wants to play the 
role of world policeman, judge and prosecutor in one "person"... It's like 
somebody says that you're bad just because you don't share his opinion, 
then he sentences you to beating, and finally beats the living hell out of 
you. Oh, and yes, he's two heads bigger than you (and much stronger, too) 
and carries a machine-gun with him all the time...

Take some IBO and get your attic in order, that's my advice! Maybe then 
you'll get rid of brainwashing!!


At 15:09 18.2.2003, you wrote:
>The USA is continuing the Desert Storm War, because the UN is acting like 
>the League of Nations after WWI, when the Allies kicked Germany's butt. 
>Germany agreed not to rearm and Hitler broke that treaty and WWII came about.
>Today, with the Vichy French and the Neo Nazi Germany, who both sell 
>equipment to Iraq that helps them break their treaty with the now useless 
>UN and NATO, because of the gutless French and German, both of whom have 
>short memories! The US left over 150,000 men buried in France helping them 
>to get rid of the Nazi's and Germany was built up by the US after the war 
>- read your history!
>If the US so deemed it, we would be running on alternative energy today, 
>the technology is here, unfortunately, people like Bush and Cheney have 
>their personal fortunes in the Oil Mafia!
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>Hi all,
>perhaps you don't know, but USA are after Iraq not because of oil, but
>because Iraq decided not to keep money reserves in US& anymore, but
>switched to EURO. This made US$ a few % cheaper... and all OPEC countries
>are thinking to switch to EURO, too, and that would make US$ drop for
>40%... So, USA has to prevent this, ergo - Bush is after Iraq.
>Can't find the link, but here's another link which you'll love! Well, most
>of you, anywayz ;-))
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