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After life? Well if you are a Muslim and you commit suicide, assuming you are a male, you will get to have 72 virgins? What a concocted bullshit story! What morons are these Muslims!
Life is energy, it is colorless, it can not be created nor destroyed, it simply moves from one entity to another, yes reincarnation. Once your body dies, the energy moves on, in essence one never dies!
Death can not be bad, no one has ever come back with complaints!
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  We will have to deal with our afterlife each one of us ,

  the one who uses most of the world energy , consuming
  is the killer ,America the land of live and let die ,
  take , trush and crash  .

  thanks Dana, for thinking of me becoming homeless in April ,

  Thanks a lot for sure there is a resevation for you up there in Hell !!!


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