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This ten minute long, very camp1950s movie analyzes drug addiction for us,
and lays some blame on -- you guessed it -- the Russians. It is so absurd
it goes past funny, through serious, and back out the other end.

The best part of it is that if we watch closely, we can see the same
message that's being pushed today. (I use the royal we to help you get the
feeling for when the reform minded judge in the movie uses it.)

Its a 30MB file in DIVX (.avi) format, so i just let it download while
doing other stuff.

[Watch out for breaking URLs]

They have loads of other flicks at this site, so get out the popcorn and
hunker down. The other one i downloaded even came close to having a "today"
name... it is "Duck and Cover" how to protect yourself from the atomic
bomb. I swear I remember having to sit through it as a TEEN, for god's
sakes. Today's name, of course, would be something like "Wrap and Duck It,"
or maybe just "Duck Them" would suffice.

It would all be so much funnier if 21 people hadn't panicked and died in
Chicago because the people that crushed them to death believed that crap
about the colors.

John French

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