how the right views the anti-war movement.

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this is so sick. but read it. the other side speaks.


> Volume 1              Thursday, February 13, 2003              By
> David
> Horowitz
This is the first issue of The War Room in its
> new
> non-partisan format, now published under the auspices of
> The War Room is a tactical guide for
> conservatives
> and centrists in framing issues that divide our nation and affect its
> future. We are now engaged in a war that may last a generation,
> against
> international foes whose main weapon is terror and whose principal
> targets are civilians. In these circumstances it is vital that a
> bi-partisan consensus be formed on defense of the homeland. One
> requirement of this defense is greater unity on the home front. It is
> important that domestic issues, which have the potential to divide
> Americans, be resolved in a manner that strengthens rather than
> weakens
> the nation. The divisive issues in American politics are those that
> tend
> to divide us along the fault lines of class, gender and race. The War
> Room believes that these fault lines do not run along a
> Democrat-Republican bias but are the product of a political left that
> is
> hostile to the national foundations. The War Room believes that the
> values of American individualism and democracy, rooted in the
> Founding,
> form the basis for our national unity and are the essential elements
> of
> our national strength. *

> The "Anti-War" Movement 
> Is A Bigger Problem Than You Think
> For over a year our country has been at war with a terrorist foe that
> can infiltrate our borders with weapons of mass destruction. We are
> divided in our homeland on two fronts. Reasonable people may disagree
> over tactics and priorities in fighting this war -- for example over
> which hostile agency or state to take on, and at which point in time.
> There have been critics of the Administration's war policy from both
> the
> Democrat and Republican side of the aisle. But these critics share a
> common concern for the defense of this country, and in the end they
> support our government and our nation against its foes. 
> Not so the other opposition to the war, which is a radical movement
> with
> Marxist roots, whose origins go back to the Vietnam War and whose
> political base is American universities. This opposition to the war
> on
> terror manifested itself within weeks of 9/11 with aim of opposing an
> American military response to the al-Qaeda attacks. Its agendas are
> not
> "pacifist" and are not inspired by dissatisfaction with any
> particular
> American war or policy, but with the American system itself. It is a
> movement which cannot be appeased and which is willing to collaborate
> with America's enemies.
> Every major "anti-war" demonstration to date, including the
> demonstrations on the Capitol Mall in October and January has been
> organized and controlled by a self-styled Communist group called the
> Workers World Party, and its front "International A.N.S.W.E.R." The
> figurehead of this organization is former Attorney General Ramsey
> Clark
> and its organizer is Brian Becker, a member of the secretariat of the
> World World Party. The WWP is aligned with the North Korean Communist
> regime and along with its figurehead has supported the North
> Vietnamese
> torturers of American POWS, the Ayatollah Khomeni regime in Iran,
> Slobodan Milosevic and Saddam Hussein. 
> At the Mall, the speakers - all selected by the Workers World Party -
> denounced America as an imperialist aggressor and "the axis of evil,"
> and called for "regime change" and "revolution" in the United States.
> An
> imam from a Washington DC mosque led the crowd in chants of "Allahu
> Akbar," which is the cry of the suicide bombers as they blow up
> innocent
> civilian targets. Mohammed Atta, the leader of the 9/11 suicide
> bombers,
> gave these instructions to his team: "When the confrontation begins,
> strike like champions who do not want to go back to this world.
> Shout,
> 'Allahu Akbar,' because this strikes fear in the hearts of the
> non-believers." 
> John Conyers, the ranking Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee
> was
> a featured speaker at the Workers World Party "peace" rally, as was
> former Democratic Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney. Representative
> Charles
> Rangel, the ranking Democrat on the House Ways and Means Committee
> sent
> a letter of support. In a sister demonstration in San Francisco, also
> organized by the Workers World Party, California State Senator,
> Democrat
> John Burton, told the protesters that the President of the United
> States
> was "full of s___" and was "f---ing America."
> So appalling were these demonstrations that older members of the left
> disassociated themselves from this movement in articles that appeared
> in
> leftwing magazines like and the L.A. Weekly (the latter
> article was written by David Corn, Washington editor of The Nation). 
> On February 15, an anti-war protest will be held in New York City,
> organized by a new group called "United for Peace and Justice." This
> group is headed by Leslie Cagan, a Sixties Marxist with a long
> history
> of supporting Communist causes. She was a member of the Venceremos
> Brigades organized by Cuban Intelligence. She was a member of the
> Committees for Correspondence, a faction of the Communist Party USA,
> and
> she is co-chair of the National Network on Cuba an organization whose
> purpose is propaganda and political support for the Castro
> dictatorship.
> Cagan has warned that, "If marches do not work, we will escalate. We
> will have to do things to disrupt the normal flow of life in this
> country."(NYTimes, 2/04/03) This threat of sabotage should not be
> taken
> lightly given the history of more than 1,000 domestic bombings during
> the Vietnam War.
> The agendas of the so-called "peace movement" are pro-Communist and
> anti-American. Its organizers have worked with America's enemies in
> the
> past and are continuing to do so in the midst of this war. This is
> the
> very definition of a political "fifth column." Honest dissenters and
> Americans concerned about the future of their country should take a
> hard
> look at these protests and those who support them.
>   _____  
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> centrists in framing issues that divide our nation and affect its
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