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Søren Løvfelt isl46726 at image.dk
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Im sorry if my mail was misunderstood.Xanax is indeed very habbit forming.I thought it was together with Ibo.Sorry.:o)

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  I use Xanex with great care. If I am stressed out and worried about getting a heart attack, I'll take a Xanex to help calm me down. I would not recommend it to be taken daily. I ended up in the hospital with vertigo, since then I handle Xanex with lots of care. It can be habit forming as well.
  Alfred H. Artze
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    The client had decided to not go ahead with the application for treatment in favour of working on other health issues first- namely endometriosis...

    thanks for your response,


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      I'm wondering if anybody has heard about OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) being a contraindication for Ibogaine treatment?

      or endometriosis ?

      What about use of Xanax and/or Trazadone ?

      Any comments are greatly appreciated.



      Iboga Therapy House


    I meant to comment when I first saw this, and passed it up. One of the other indications for ibogaine is treatment of OCD. In fact, addiction is properly a species of OCD with a chemical, psychological and economic component.

    What happened with the treatment in question?

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