The DEA: Results Not Demonstrated - Or Are They?

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I have already gotten this report from at least six other sources and you will see it in Monday's newsletter.  I wasn't the least be surprised to see the low ratings on what the DEA is doing but it was amazing to have the report coming out of the White House.  The recommendations on the report were "new measures needed".  What we all need to do now is remind our Senators and Representative and every other public official that the "War on Drugs" is a complete failure and that they should live up to their responsibility as elected officials to see that we do not continue to waste tax payers' money.  If treatment programs were anywhere near this ineffective I have no doubt they would have pulled funding immediately. 
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The DEA: Results Not Demonstrated - Or Are They?
By Stephen Young
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February 8, 2003
originally published by DrugSense Weekly

Talk about a demoralizing job review.
The spanking administered to the Drug Enforcement Agency by the White House
Office of Management and Budget this week should have smarted, even as it
was delivered in the gray language of bureaucracy.
"DEA is unable to demonstrate its progress in reducing the availability of
illegal drugs in the U.S. While DEA has developed some strategic goals and
objectives, these goals lack specificity in targets and time frames,"
according to the White House assessment. "DEA managers are not held
accountable for achieving results."
Even if you're already convinced the DEA is a scam, it's nice to have some
verification from the federal government. See (Adobe Acrobat
required) for the actual document.
The assessment includes ratings on various categories. The ratings are
scored on a scale of zero to 100. The DEA scored zero in the
"Results/Accountability" category. Zero. Nil. Nothing. The ultimate void of
non-being. Not even a token point for style or effort.
Read Report at above URL
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