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Me again.  Forgot it include the alcohol sterilized pads included in the New
Zealand packs,  Reading the last e-mail jogged my memory.  I should probably
have said there is also info on help and detox contact addresses listed.
Was just thinking,  most women I know have followed a boyfriend into the
drug cycle and then have ended up far more hooked than the blokes.  That
might not be true for everyone but seems to be the example I have seen.
Women seem to have a totally different attitude and way around drug use.
Anybody else out there got any ideas on that.  Am sure Andrea would if she
was still reading??
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>Study: Girls' Addiction Risks Different from Boys
>Feb 5 2003 3:45PM
>WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Girls and young women who use alcohol and drugs are
>more likely than boys and young men to attempt suicide, according to a
>study on Wednesday.
>Girls also can get hooked faster than boys, even when using the same or
>smaller amount of a particular substance, according to the study released
>at a briefing by Columbia University's National Center for Addiction and
>Substance Abuse, known as CASA.
>Participants in the briefing included Columba Bush, wife of Florida Gov.
>Jeb Bush and sister-in-law of President Bush. Her daughter, Noelle, has
>had several run-ins with the law because of drugs.
>"My heart goes out to all those saddened parents across America whose
>daughters have sunk into substance abuse and addiction," said Bush, a CASA
>board member.
>CASA head Joseph Califano, who was President Jimmy Carter's secretary of
>health, education and welfare, said the study underscored the need for
>different approaches to prevention and treatment for girls and young
>"Unisex prevention programs -- largely developed without regard to gender,
>often with males in mind -- fail to influence millions of girls and young
>women," he said.
>The study, which covered the years from early adolescence to age 22,
>found, for instance, that girls are at particularly high risk if they are
>depressed, stressed, or victims of physical or sexual abuse.
>Girls who have eating disorders are also at high risk, as are girls who
>start puberty early or whose families have moved frequently.
>The research also found a possible link between coffee consumption and
>substance abuse. Girls and young women who drink coffee are significantly
>more likely to smoke and drink alcohol, and to start at an earlier age.
>Among the lawmakers at the briefing was Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, a New
>York Democrat, who proposed legislation to target the growing problem of
>abuse of legal prescription drugs, including painkillers, stimulants and

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