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Brett Calabrese bcalabrese at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 3 19:21:06 EST 2003

This looks real, 20 bucks if you purchased a CD
between '95 and 2000, online registration (it is
really an conspiracy to track all of us). Note,
sterilization not required to collect, neither is ia
receipt for a CD. I know starving addicts could use an
extra $20, which will not last as long as it takes to
fill out the on-line form. If in doubt do something
constructive and donate it to your favorite pro-dope



Music Buyers
Are Due $20

It's like finding a $20 bill in the pocket of an old
winter coat.

Anyone who bought recorded music from 1995 through
2000 is entitled to
a $20 payment as part of a class-action lawsuit

The sign-up form is available on-line at
To get a paper form call- 877.347-4732.

The deadline for signing up is March 3. 

Checks will be sent out sometime later this year,
on possible court delays.

Recorded-music products include compact discs,
cassettes, and IPs.
You need to have purchased only one to qualify. 

Having bought more than one doesn't qualify you for
more money.

It's one settlement check per customer.

There's no need for a receipt or proof of purchase.

It took a reporter three minutes to complete the
online form. 

There are a few basic questions and requests for
personal information
such as your address and the last four digits of your
Social Security number.

A caveat: If too many people signup, the payouts get
reduced or canceled. 

Only around 1.2 million consumers have put in for
their share so far. 

If that number gets to around nine million, the
settlement cash
goes instead to buy CDs for schools and charitable

The suit was brought by 43 state attorneys general
along with a private law firm.

They say the music industry illegally boosted prices
by requiring retailers to sell products at
minimum advertised prices, in violation of the law.

The defendants deny wrongdoing.

The checks will come as a relief to consumers fed up
with CD prices
that approach $20. 

Nearly $67.4 million of the settlement is earmarked
for individual cash payments.

                      By Alex Frangos 

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