Herbal supplement ephedra to be banned

Preston Peet ptpeet at nyc.rr.com
Tue Dec 30 10:42:58 EST 2003

Hi all,
    Does this seem to anyone else to be an irrational step Backwards, as
opposed to a rational step forwards? If they are going to go so far as to
ban something so innocuous as ephedra, what hope do we  have of any sane
drug law reform in the near future?
    It's tough, a real chore, being optimistic these days.


Herbal supplement ephedra to be banned
Tuesday, December 30, 2003 Posted: 10:29 AM EST (1529 GMT)

(CNN) -- Federal officials are moving to ban the sale of the herbal
supplement ephedra because of continued health concerns about the product.
Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson and Mark McClellan, the
commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration, are expected to announce
steps leading to a ban on ephedra at an 11:30 a.m. ET news conference.
Illinois and New York already have banned the sale of products containing
ephedra, and Florida banned ephedra sales to minors in May.
Ephedra is an herbal supplement that is found in many over-the-counter
products designed to help people lose weight or increase their energy, and
has long been the subject of criticism.
In February, a medical examiner said an ephedra supplement was linked to the
death of Baltimore Orioles pitcher Steve Bechler.
A study commissioned by the National Institutes of Health also called into
safety the use of ephedra, saying it was associated with higher risks of
heart palpitations, tremors and insomnia.

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