CNN promotes drug abuse

Preston Peet ptpeet at
Mon Dec 29 20:48:07 EST 2003

Hey all,
    Some of the comments from the CNN host lady just now on my tv (loosely

"We want to remind our viewers that these drugs are all over the counter-
you can walk right in and buy it."

"Thanks for telling us about this drug, I think it's really facinating,
especially for those who haven't heard about it before."

Drug Pro guest:

"The effect of these drugs are very similar to LSD or PCP, so yeah, they're

They're reporting on the latest "new" trend in drug use/abuse...cough
medicine containing DXM. Egad! Let's see- 20-25 years ago I was drinking
Robitusin DM to get high. I knew others who occasionally did so too.
    So how is this a New Threat?

Are these people seriously unaware that they are promoting not only the use
of these medicines but probably the abuse as well? I can't imagine they
aren't aware of this, so it appears to my suspicious mind that they are
making sure the system continues to have targets and patients in their jails
and treatment facilities.


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