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Has anyone already contacted any of these groups about Harm Reduction regarding the Drug War or iboga?  If you have please let me know.  If nobody has, i would like to come up with a basic press kit of information (facts only) in regards to iboga.  This can only happen if the various organizations work together.  Each of our organizations regarding iboga(ine) cannot afford to think each organization doesn't bring assets to our cause.  Any help in a basic 'iboga movement' information pack, who our various organizations are and what they do, as well as our common goals for the next 5, 10 and 20 years.  We cannot do this on our own, in my opinion, to think this is assuring our failure.  We need the help of these other organizations, even if our issues don't seem directly couldn't hurt, and you never know what good can come out working together.  Any assistance and contributions and organization in regards to writing a basic press kit to send to let these people know who we are and that it is important, not just to drug addicts and families, but also to the family who doesn't think they are effected by the costs of prohibition indoctrination, and the money and politics and tax payer money that is being pissed away for a strategy not seemingly designed to succeed, if not by 60+ years (if we only had more money etc.).  We must reach out to the non-drug user with families and church on Sunday, that this effects them very directly and thus they should better understand our issue.  I believe, at least in Texas, that unless someone feels that it effects them directly, why should they bother trying to understanding.  That is where relating economic opportunities from prohibition funding terror comes in (Al Capone created by Alcohol prohibition, BinLaden doesn't want the drug war to end etc.)  Ending the Drug War is an issue of National Security, is I think the best approach.  This is not about wether drug use is good or bad or whatever, people will use it regardless, so lets stop pretending that the drug war prevents drug use. 

 Is it fiscally conservative to be spending the insane amounts of tax payer money on the entire drug war machine?   I think, in America, we need to stop coming across as radicals because they won't even TRY to understand the facts; and misunderstanding and lack of wanting to understand seem to be at the root of the problem.  And only with adults and this should always be differentiated because their whole "if your not 'no tolerance on drugs' then you are a bad parent", these ads have been working very well.  The functioning user is seen as promoting drug use, this is the kind of mentality.     If it doesn't effect them directly, most got enough of their own troubles and tribulations.
Even if we get literature in some of these places, who knows what kind of high roller who stumbles across the information and decides to do something about it in terms of dollars, because it seems that seems to be a huge stumbling block in the way of getting this medicine to so many who need it.  So I'm thinking a shortest amount of words with as much of the history, bwiti, then the history of the discovery of anti-addictive qualities and intense insight, as well as the development of organizations briefly describing what they do.  History of the Stumbling blocks for approval.   Methadone Clinics Vs. Iboga(ine) Clinics--social impacts with and/or without repeal of marijuana laws, to help take funds away from terrorists, thus protecting the American people.  Could 9/11 been funded without the help of the black markets created by prohibition/war on drugs?  Is it worth the tax payer money? What else could be done with that money? 

What is everyones thoughts on this?
-Jason Bursey

(a basic list of organizations from

CAIPIRINHA productions (pronounced 'ky-pee-reen-ya') is an independent mixed media arts & culture company with activities in the fields of film, music and human rights. our philosophies promote diversity, tolerance and peace beyond borders. in 2002, CAIPIRINHA continues to host a variety of benefits + lectures to raise awareness of international humanitarian issues, hoping to bring about action against violations that continue to plague the global community. with our national campaign, we seek to encourage ordinary people to participate in the discussion of complex world affairs.

We support and encourage others to support:

- global greengrants - Global Greengrants fund grassroots action in some of the world?s most despoiled and impoverished places. Grassroots groups are key to solving intractable problems and halting cycles of poverty, powerlessness and environmental destruction. Our grants offer hope and tap the energy of communities where other sources of support are unavailable. There is no better investment than supporting passionate people with great ideas.

- donkey sanctuary - Dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and protection of abandoned, neglected or abused donkeys, mules and hinnies, the Sanctuary provides these animals a lifelong home.

- The Center for Economic and Social Rights (CESR) - The Center for Economic and Social Rights (CESR) was established in 1993 to promote social justice through human rights. In a world where poverty and inequality deprive entire communities of dignity and even life itself, CESR promotes the universal right of every human being to housing, education, health and a healthy environment, food, work, and social security.

- - since 1988, global exchange has advocated corporate accountability, sustainable development and fair trade for nations that have fallen victim to excessive militarization and globalization.

- - instituto terra was created in 1998 by brazilian photographer sebastiao salgado and his wife lelia wanick salgado to develop and support reforestation projects for a large area of devastated atlantic forest in the river doce valley region in brazil. it is currently developing four major pilot projects based at bulcao farm in the municipality of aimores in the state of minas gerais, southeast brazil.

- human rights watch - - human rights watch is the largest human rights organization based in the united states. its researchers conduct fact-finding investigations into human rights abuses in all regions of the world then publishes those findings , generating extensive coverage in local and international media. they also meet with government officials to urge changes in policy and practice -- at the united nations, the european union, in washington and in capitals around the world. in extreme circumstances, human rights watch presses for the withdrawal of military and economic support from governments that egregiously violate the rights of their people.

- - the global fund for children was founded in 1994 by maya ajmera on the premise that an educational non-profit group could use the entrepreneurial skills of a start-up company and the power of the market to create a new kind of wealth-social wealth. the global fund for children strives not only to improve the lives of children, but also to integrate their voices into all that we do. today's children face many challenges. in the developing world, severe poverty and a lack of education limit many children's lives. as our world becomes increasingly interdependent, the problems that cloud children's futures, from lack of basic education to ethnic conflict, require global solutions. we believe that all of the world's children must be empowered to reach their full potentials in order to meet the challenges that the future will bring.

- working assets radio - - working assets radio - part of the working for change progressive network, which generates millions of dollars in donations to nonprofits working for peace, equality, human rights, education and a cleaner environment - airs on npr-affiliate kalw, weekdays in the bay area. the broadcasts are hosted by author laura flanders, who addresses such issues as human rights, international politics, feminism, economics and the media.

- witness - - witness is a human rights program that attracts the eyes of the world and inspires those who see to act. co-founded by musician peter gabriel, witness strengthens local activists by giving them video cameras and field training. today, they unleash an arsenal of computers, imaging and editing software, satellite phones and email in the struggle for justice. they have worked with over 150 partner groups from 50 countries to use video to overcome political, economic, and physical barriers, and to expose human rights abuses to the world via television - bbc, cnn, abc, etc. - grassroots advocacy, and internet broadcasting.

- third wave foundation - - through grantmaking, networking and public education, third wave foundation informs and empowers a generation of young women activists. they support young women activists whose innovative social change strategies are often overlooked elsewhere. third wave is led by young men and women who reflect the diversity of america. they strive to combat inequalities that we all face as a result of our age, gender, race, sexual orientation, economic status or level of education. third wave supports young women leading a broad range of movements, from campaigning for a living wage or environmental protections, to opposing private prisons and reproductive rights.

- the development gap - - with a first-hand knowledge of the circumstances and capabilities of the people of much of the south and the economic institutions and policy circles of the north, the development gap has sought to close the wide gap that has existed between third world local realities and the perception of northern policymakers who have not experienced those realities. as a result of the interlocutory role it has played between these two worlds, as well as among environmentalists, developmentalists and other like-minded advocates for constructive change, the development gap has become a significant center for analysis, advocacy and action in washington. through its efforts, d'gap has fostered successful civil-society organizations in mali, ghana, uganda and zimbabwe, as part of its structural adjustment participatory review initiative.

- independent media center - - the independent media center is a network of collectively run media outlets for the creation of radical, accurate, and passionate tellings of the truth. it was established by various independent and alternative media organizations and activists for the purpose of providing grassroots coverage of the world trade organization (wto) protests in seattle last november. the center acted as a clearinghouse of information for journalists, and provided up-to-the-minute reports, photos, audio and video footage through its website. through a decentralized and autonomous network, hundreds of media activists have since setup independent media centers in london, canada, mexico city, prague, belgium, france, and italy, with more to come.

- idex (international development exchange) - - IDEX is a san-francisco based non-profit organization that partners with grassroots organizations in eight countries in africa, asia and latin america, while actively engaging and educating north americans in the challenges facing communities in these regions. since 1985, IDEX has channeled over $1.9 million to fund more than 480 self-help community projects benefiting women, youth and indigenous peoples who earn less than $2 a day.

- foreign policy in focus - - foreign policy in focus (FPIF), established in 1996, seeks to make the u.s. a more responsible global leader and global partner. it is a "think tank without walls" that functions as an international network of more than 650 policy analysts and advocates. unlike traditional think tanks, FPIF is committed to advancing a citizen-based foreign policy agenda - one that is fundamentally rooted in citizen initiatives and movements.

- seac (student environmental action coalition) - - SEAC- pronounced "seek," as in "seeking" -- is a student and youth run national network of progressive organizations and individuals whose aim is to uproot environmental injustices through action and education. they define the environment to include the physical, economical, political and cultural conditions in which we live. by challenging the power structure which threatens these environmental conditions, SEAC works to create progressive social change on both the local and global levels.

- global trade watch - - global trade watch (GTW) was created in 1993 to promote government and corporate accountability in an area on which few public interest groups were focused: the international commercial agreements shaping the current version of globalization. GTW is a division of ?public citizen,¹ the national consumer group founded in 1972 by ralph nader. having built unique substantive capacity and diverse contacts with other ngos, the press and policy-makers, it is still the only u.s. organization focused full-time on globalization issues. they have become a leader in promoting a citizen's perspective on an array of globalization issues, including implications for health and safety, environmental protection, economic justice, and democratic, accountable governance.

- baido (bay area international development organizations) - - BAIDO (bay area international development organizations) is a network of bay area nonprofits doing international development work. they promote understanding of the challenges facing people globally - and the solutions they are finding. BAIDO builds on the collective expertise within their membership to address the inter-connectedness of global issues. BAIDO members represent a wealth of in-depth knowledge and personal experience concerning the developing world - a valuable resource for northern california.

- fstv (free speech tv) - - FSTV (free speech tv) is a full time satellite channel on the dish network (channel 9415) and a part-time cable network bringing the best of progressive television to nearly nine million homes weekly. working with activists and artists, FSTV uses television to cultivate an informed and active citizenry in order to advance progressive social change. the station airs primarily social, political, cultural, and environmental documentaries, although some experimental and dramatic work is featured as well.

- democracy now - - democracy now! goes beyond the rhetoric and party politics offered by the mainstream media. instead, it highlights grassroots efforts to enhance and ignite democracy in the u.s. these days, some are labeling this "public journalism" or "civic journalism." democracy now! focuses on a range of issues that demand attention, from the relationship of citizens to their government to the economic realities of declining wages and standards of living for the vast majority of americans; from the role of money in campaigns to the impact of new technologies on politics and the media.

- center for marine conservation - - the mission of the center for marine conservation is to protect ocean ecosystems and conserve the global abundance and diversity of marine wildlife. through science-based advocacy, research and public education, CMC informs, inspires and empowers people to speak and act for the oceans.

- doctors without borders - - médecins sans frontières (also known as doctors without borders or MSF) delivers emergency aid to victims of armed conflict, epidemics and natural and man-made disasters, and to others who lack health care due to social or geographical isolation. a private, nonprofit organization, MSF is at the forefront of emergency health care as well as care for populations suffering from endemic diseases and neglect. they provide primary health care, perform surgery, rehabilitate hospitals and clinics, run nutrition and sanitation programs, train local medical personnel, and provide mental health care.

- grassroots international - - grassroots international is an independent, non-profit agency working for social change. they provide financial and material support for community-led development in brazil, east timor, eritrea, haiti, mexico, and palestine. in the u.s., we do educational and advocacy work on issues of concern to our partners.

- united for a fair economy - - united for a fair economy was founded as a "movement support" organization to provide media capacity, face-to-face economic literacy education and training resources to organizations and individuals who work to address the widening income and asset gap in our country.

- east timor action network - - the east timor action network/united states was founded in november 1991 to support genuine self-determination and human rights for the people of east timor, in accordance with the universal declaration of human rights, the 1960 united nations general assembly resolution on decolonization, and security council and general assembly resolutions on east timor. their primary focus has been to change u.s. foreign policy and raise public awareness of the 26 years of human rights violations inflicted upon the east timorese at the hands of indonesia-backed paramilitaries.

- ASPCA (american society for the prevention of cruelty to animals) - - the american society for the prevention of cruelty to animals was founded in 1866 as the first humane organization in the western hemisphere. today, the ASPCA has over 680,000 members and donors and continues to prevent cruelty and alleviate the pain, fear and suffering of animals through nationwide education, awareness and legislative programs. their headquarters in new york city houses one of the area's largest full service animal hospitals, an adoption facility, and the humane law enforcement department, which is responsible for enforcing new york's animal cruelty laws.

- black radical congress - - the purpose of the black radical congress (BRC) is to promote dialogue among african-american activists and scholars on the left; to discuss critical issues on the national and international scene that pertain to the black community; to explore new strategies and directions for progressive political, social and cultural movements; and to renew the black radical movement through increased unified action.

- mother jones - - the mission of the foundation for national progress is to educate and empower people to work toward progressive change. established in 1975, the FNP seeks to advance public understanding of important issues through various media projects including mother jones magazine, the mojo wire, and the international fund for documentary photography.

- global fund for women - - the global fund for women, an international network of women and men committed to a world of equality and social justice, advocates for and defends women's human rights by making grants to support women's groups around the world. they are part of a global women's movement that is rooted in a commitment to justice and an appreciation of the value of women's experience. the challenges women face vary widely across communities, cultures, religions, traditions and countries.

- peace development fund - - the peace development fund makes grants to organizations and projects working to achieve peaceful, just and interdependent relationships among people and nations. they believe that the change in values needed to establish a more just and peaceful world will come about only if it is strongly rooted in local communities.

- girls, inc. - - girls, inc. develops research-based informal education programs that encourage girls to take risks and master physical, intellectual and emotional challenges. major programs address math and science education, pregnancy and drug abuse prevention, media literacy, economic literacy, adolescent health, violence prevention, and sports participation.

- women's cancer resource center - - women's cancer resource center seeks to empower women with cancer to be active and informed consumers and survivors; to provide community for women with cancer and their supporters; to educate the general community about cancer; and to be actively involved in the struggle for a life-affirming, cancer-free society.

- lion & lamb project - - the mission of the lion & lamb project is to stop the marketing of violence to children. they do this by helping parents, industry and government officials recognize that violence is not child's play - and by galvanizing concerned adults to take action. lion & lamb works to reduce the marketing of violent toys, games and entertainment to children in two distinct ways. they work with parents and other concerned adults to reduce the demand for violent "entertainment" products, and with industry and government to reduce the supply of such products.

- institute for agriculture & trade policy - - the institute for agriculture and trade policy (IATP) was established in 1986 as a nonprofit and tax exempt research and education organization. their mission is to create environmentally and economically sustainable communities and regions through sound agriculture and trade policy. the institute assists public interest organizations in effectively influencing both domestic and international policymaking through monitoring, analysis and research.

- children now - - children now conducts analysis and research, including the voices of children and families, communicates strategies that inform, educate and engage, develops partnerships with community organizations, parents, advocates, business and government and motivates those with influence and power to act on behalf of children.

- oxfam - - oxfam america invests privately raised funds and technical expertise in local organizations around the world that hold promise in their efforts to help poor people move out of poverty. these projects are characterized by partnerships with these local organizations - a unique and highly successful approach that ensures lasting change. they listen to their partners as they describe local needs, and work together with them to find ways to help their communities prosper in their livelihoods and organize their communities for economic stability and democratic opportunity.

- robin hood foundation - - the core mission of the robin hood foundation is fighting poverty, improving literacy, finding employment, and maintaining basic survival programs in healthcare, hunger, housing and domestic violence in new york city. they make grants and invest in smaller community organizations, provide management assistance and recruit legal, accounting and real estate firms to provide services pro bono.

- pr watch - center for media and democracy - - pr watch is a project of the center for media & democracy. it offers investigative reporting on the public relations industry. pr watch helps the public recognize manipulative and misleading pr practices by exposing the activities of secretive, little- known propaganda-for-hire firms that work to control political debates and public opinion.

- peace action - - peace action (formerly sane/freeze, founded in 1957), its sister organization, peace action education fund (PAEF), the student peace action network (SPAN), and the international office work through national and grassroots citizens' action to promote global nuclear disarmament, cut military spending, and end the international arms trade.

- family care international - - FCI is dedicated to improving women's sexual and reproductive health and rights in developing countries, with a special emphasis on making pregnancy and childbirth safer. FCI addresses a range of urgent health issues, including maternal health, adolescent sexual and reproductive health, family planning, unsafe abortion, and violence against women. much of their work is carried out in the areas of safe motherhood, which aims to ensure that women have access to the services and support they need to go through pregnancy and childbirth safely and the comprehensive, women-centered approach to reproductive health, which was endorsed by 179 countries at the international conference on population and development in 1994.

- sweatshop watch - - sweatshop watch is a coalition of labor, community, civil rights, immigrant rights, women's, religious and student organizations, and individuals committed to eliminating the exploitation that occurs in sweatshops. sweatshop watch serves low wage workers, with a focus on garment workers in california, as well as nationally and globally. they believe that workers should be earning a living wage in a safe and decent working environment and that those who benefit the most from the exploitation of sweatshop workers must be held accountable.

- rainforest alliance - - the rainforest alliance is an international nonprofit organization dedicated to the conservation of tropical forests for the benefit of the global community. their mission is to develop and promote economically viable and socially desirable alternatives to the destruction of this endangered, biologically diverse natural resource. they pursue this mission through education, research in the social and natural sciences, and the establishment of cooperative partnerships with businesses, governments, and local peoples.

- znet - - z is an independent political magazine of critical thinking on political, cultural, social, and economic life in the united states. it sees the racial, sexual, political, and class dimensions of personal life as fundamental to understanding and improving contemporary circumstances and it aims to assist activist efforts to attain a better future. to these ends, z attempts to operate in a democratic fashion, both internally and also with respect to its contributing writers and artists and the broader national progressive community.

- pop sustainability - - is an initiative of pop sustainability, a non-profit organization promoting more sustainable lifestyles through the tools of popular culture--the means of mass media and the arts. it is the beginning of a global movement towards creative solutions to exclusion, poverty, environmental degradation, social injustice and repression.

- - HAWCA (humanitarian assistance for the women and children afghanistan) is dedicated to improving the lives of afghans living in the refugee camps of Pakistan by sponsoring programs in the fields of basic health care, maternal care, sanitation, literacy and trauma counseling.

- - the volunteer-run american red cross extends relief to disaster victims and offers strategies on how to prevent, prepare for and recover from emergencies.

- - save the children uk works in poverty-stricken communities in 70 countries, safe-guarding children against malnourishment, illness, violence and injustice.

- - greenpeace uses non-violent direct action to protest environmental legislations and practices that do global and/or local damage to the ecosystem.

- - for more than 50 years, cooperative assistance and relief everywhere (CARE) has extended food, health care, shelter and education to more than 60 countries in need of relief.

- - with projects in 40 countries to date, action against hunger combats famine and malnutrition by fostering water & sanitation, food security, health and nutrition programs in communities of disaster victims.

- - through such nation-wide initiatives as national HIV testing day, AIDS awareness programs for children and continuing medical education courses, amFAR (american foundation for AIDS research) aims to prevent HIV infection and to support research to cure the disease.

- - keeping with founder robert redford's original mission, the sundance institute is dedicated to supporting new screenwriters and directors. from its sundance, utah base, the institute hosts an annual exhibition of new, independent features and documentaries.

- - the asian art nuseum is the first museum in the US devoted exclusively to the arts of asia, with many items from founder avery brundage's private holdings among the artifacts on exhibit.

- - everything from egyptian sculpture to medieval armor comprises the cleveland museum of art's 30,000+ assortment of trans-global, multi-cultural art work.

- - film society of lincoln center sponsors the new york film festival, the new york video festival, this year's human rights watch festival, as well as an array of independent films and retrospectives at the walter reade theatre.

- - devoted entirely to the modern movement, the 72-year-old museum of modern art holds a collection that includes more than 100,000 works of art in the fields of architecture and design, drawings, film and video, painting and sculpture, photography and illustrated books.

- - czech center new york aims to increase awareness of the czech republic stateside through cultural events and educational programs.

- - with alumni such as diego rivera and mark rothko and having housed the west coast abstract expressionism and later, beat movements, the san francisco art institute has remained on the cutting edge of contemporary art for well over a century.

- - the telluride film festival, a product of the national film preserve, is an informal yearly exhibition of independent films screened for film-lovers.

- - the foundation for fighting blindness funds research studies to find causes, treatments, preventions and cures for various ocular ailments and diseases.

- - a recent addition to the smithsonian institution, the national museum of the american indian is the first national museum to honor the languages, culture, history and arts of native american tribes from america, canada, middle and south america and the caribbean.

- - the nature conservacy works with communities and businesses to preserve plants, animals, valuable lands and bodies of water.

- - led by conductor michael tilson thomas, the san francisco symphony is internationally renowned as one of the world's best classical music ensembles.

- - the asia society is dedicated to fostering understanding of asia abroad and to bolstering communication between Americans and the people of asia using the arts, film, seminars and publications.

- - the western folklife center was created to preserve and perpetuating the folk arts of the romantic american west, through exhibits, educational programs and public performances.

- - the mission of the sierra club includes preservation, protection and enhancement of the natural environment through education and practicing and promoting ecologically sound living. the sierra club influences public, private and corporate policies and actions through various programs. The strategy of the sierra club is to activate appropriate portions of a network of staff, members, and other concerned citizens, using legislative, administrative, electoral, and legal approaches, and to develop supporting public opinion.

- Rongelap Peace Museum - The museum is an attempt to record, remember and make known the damage of US nuclear tests in the Marshall Islands. It will help bring public attention to many unknown sufferings and contribute to the relief of the sufferers. The museum will thus encourage people to work for a nuclear-weapons-free Pacific and a nuclear-weapons-free future. Please send a donation to support this extremely important project.
It is preferred that contributions be transferred to the bank account of the project at: Bank of Marshall Islands, P.O. Box J, Majuro, Marshall Islands 96960, Tel: 692-625-3662; Savings account number: 881-72-2006-7, Routing Number: 121405212. Donations can also be sent to Mirar in Eaan Committee (People from the North), P.O. Box 350, Majuro, Marshall Islands 96960.

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