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Patrick K. Kroupa digital at
Thu Dec 25 05:13:12 EST 2003

Short version: it's like, fixed or something.  


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Date: Thu, 25 Dec 2003 04:09:25 -0500 (EST)
From: "Evan D. Baer" <evan at>
Subject: [voxadm] Bruce, Patrick, mail settings, file descriptors,
To: voxadm at

I adjusted the soft and hard maximums for file descriptors in /etc/system,
that should solve with the pipe errors seen in the maillog around qmail.

They were at 256/1024, i up'd to 2048/4096.

Dec 23 10:55:13 crackpipe qmail: [ID 748625] 1072194913.584579
delivery 352341: deferral: qmail-spawn_unable_to_create_pipe._(#4.3.0)/

These took a few days to show up originally.  My guess is they were
adjusted when the patch set was applied, though its hard to say.
There seemed to be some other snag around the 15th, in the logs:

Dec 15 10:00:29 crackpipe qmail: [ID 748625 mail.alert] 1071500429.931197
unable to append to bounce message; HELP! sleeping...
Dec 15 10:00:39 crackpipe qmail: [ID 748625 mail.alert] 1071500439.931434
unable to append to bounce message; HELP! sleeping...
Dec 21 03:10:02 crackpipe qmail: [ID 748625] 1071994202.228729   
bounce m
sg 229149 qp 18123

Followed by this first occurence (in the available logs) of the pipe

Dec 21 03:10:05 crackpipe qmail: [ID 748625] 1071994205.588588
delivery 8551096: deferral: qmail-spawn_unable_to_create_pipe._(#4.3.0)/

ALSO - the patches put a normal sendmail binary in /usr/lib, which I
adjusted back to point to /var/qmail/bin/sendmail (the qmail sendmail


Wesley Clark's site has been moved out of our class C, so if he takes the
mail system out again; he's only taking it out on instead of
all our other servers.


We are delisted from all spam lists that the above and caused
problems with.


Looking through crackpipe I can't help but notice we now have: 

3 versions of perl
5(!) versions of php
scoop and all attendent files
slashcode and all attendent files
the truly huge WebObjects MindVox and MindVoxUI and DTW systems
injectors for MySQL and Oracle

Bruce, please make a mess all over the Sun which is sitting under your
desk before mounting 20 different versions of god knows what all over the
main machine. 

Pick one, let's open it already.  Most important, when you apply entire
patch clusters, you need to exclude out all systems which are custom and
no longer work with Solaris out of the box.  This means the entire mail
system, it is going to reset /etc/system and break mail and Oracle and
then reset the dynamic and static libs and also break everything, because
it assumes sendmail is present.  Sendmail is completely turned off and all
that exists are wrappers that point to qmail.

THINK and don't do this at 5am.

I have upped the throttle to 10,000 max open connections at the same time.
If it needs to go higher, I can move it as high as 25,000.  I will examine
what mail is doing over the next week to work out any remaining glitches.

Merry Christmas and if anybody touches the firewall settings I quit.  

- Evan

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