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A.C. Dilard a_c_dilard at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 20 19:42:08 EST 2003

Wanted to say sorry, don't need that many people
hassling me offlist. This is about my christmas party

I have one suggestion to make which is a request I
think, could the powers that be, Patrick, Dana,
whoever, please set up a yippie list on mindvox or a
LES lower east side happenings list or something like
that and then I wouldn't have posted any of that to
the ibogaine list.

Sorry I didn't mean to offend or bother anyone, I
understand the party wasn't even posted to the
ibogaine list, I understand it wasn't appropriate to
post it to the list, I understand I've pissed off some
people, I understand. Sorry ok?

Yippie list or LES list on Mindvox please. You have
all these crazy lists for other people who use them,
we could use a event or gossip list and won't fill up
the ibo list with it.

Thank you please consider my request. Postign here
because my email is ignored and nobody is ever
answering their phone :(

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