[ibogaine] tonight's christmas party

Carla Barnes carlambarnes at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 18 10:09:35 EST 2003

LMAO ;-) Thanks for the updates ;-)

A year or two ago I would have said something
different, but since then I've figured out when people
post all this, what they're writing out are all the
parts they liked and remember. 

I'm sure it wasn't very organised if the speakers or
mc's are posting questions to this list about how to
even find the event, I don't remember seeing anyone
post about the party to this list at all so a lot of
the main ibogaine people had a party that wasn't about
ibogaine, good for them :-)

The next time I do wish you were organised enough to
at least post notice to the ibogaine list it would
have been fun to go and ny isn't so far for me.

Patrick is a cult of personality, Dana was being Dana,
Howard was there and Robert Altman took photos. Photos

Patrick, just wanted to say that after almost a year
of therapy which is one of the things I needed and
groups, to stay clean after doing ibogaine more then
once to get clean and showing up to his office with
printouts of what you've written about addiction and
talking about you, thank you :-) You were one of the
main motivations I had to stay clean and believe I
could do it. I hate to tell you this but according to
my therapist you don't exist. Statistically speaking
;-) What you did is impossible and will never work for
anyone else. Thought you might want to know you're not
really here at all ;-)

I don't know if Dana was ever here either but he was
never a addict :-)

Love you all :-) 

Carla B

--- "A.C. Dilard" <a_c_dilard at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Neither dose anybody who was there and is still
> there.
> Events that werent listed in the schedule.
> patrick kroupa explaining recovery to robert altman
> while sitting in his bmw double parked in front
> smoking what doesnt look like cigarettes.
> peace and love anti drug war girls screaming and
> punching people on the stage and being thrown out
> a lot of people thrown out
> preston ? the person wearing a dress, reading
> william
> burroughs.
> patrick's hopes for everyone's sobriety 'i hope
> everyone is really fucking high and drunk' applause.
> dana beal getting thrown out
> you know it was a good party, great even. you had a
> huge crowd, happy people into your message who fell
> all over themselves to get near all of you.
> and all of you who came to town for this event
> gathered together in the same in-group all of you
> always do and spent all your time in back rooms or
> sitting in cars parked out front. and not one person
> in town supposdely for this event answered email or
> phone calls before the event which was listed and
> unlisted at least 4 times before the date. nobody
> even
> confirmed it was happening until the day before.
> great party, no organization at all, no meaningful
> exchange of information at all. great party! :)
> great
> photos!! :)
> NeekaBhushan at aol.com wrote:
> >i know NOTHING ! This I swear.
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