[ibogaine] Post ibogaine tx report of pain med use+habituation

Jaden Shaw jadensheldon at yahoo.ca
Tue Dec 16 22:53:26 EST 2003

Brett Calabrese <bcalabrese at yahoo.com> wrote:Hi all, I just stopped oxycontin after about 6 months. As many know I was previously treated with ibogaine for addiction, though not for opiate addiction,  I am also a chronic pain patient. There were no "slips", no drug thoughts, no cravings, in the end I had become immune (?) to even withdrawal. When the pain eased up I had no choice but to stop, better than some other choices I have made.
Hey Brett, I just wanted to say congrats for getting off oxycontin. I spent some time reading up on it and it sounds like some pretty unpleasant stuff, and difficult to get off. So way to go man. 
Open question. Has anybody treated someone who's drug of choice is Crystal Meth? If so did you do things differently than you would have with coke heroin or methadone interuption? Any links? Thank you.

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