Happy Holidays and Productive Journeys

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Tue Dec 16 15:41:36 EST 2003

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday;
 yes things might be slim this year, but with 4/5 of the worlds population's bellies swelling with hunger in 3rd world places, we have not only graditute for what we have but a desire to not put limits on our potential to help.  Perhaps with not only the physical food, but spiritual food as well.

'Speak up for those who can't speak for themselves.  Speak up for the rights of all those who are poor' Proverbs 31:8

'Don't look at wine when it is red.' (methadone)
'In the end it bites like a snake.  It bites like a poisonous serpent.'  (sickness) 
'Your eyes will see strange sights.  Your mind will imagine weird things'  (iboga)  Proverbs 23:31-33

'Anyone who renews others will be renewed' Proverbs 11:25

'Come and eat my food.  Smoke the incense I have mixed.  Leave your childish ways and you will live.  Walk in the way that leads to understanding.'  (providers of iboga)  Proverbs 9:5-6

'You who are childish get some good sense.  You who are foolish gain understanding.
I and I have worthy things to say.  I and I open I lips to speak what is right'  Proverbs 8:5-6

'Hold on to good sense and the understanding of what is right.  Don't let them out of your sight.  They will be life for you.  You won't be afraid.  You will sleep soundly.  Don't be terrified by sudden trouble.'   Proverbs2:21-25

'So you will eat the fruit of the way you have lived.' Prov 1:31

'Understanding will guard you.  Wisdom will save you from the ways of evil men.  It will save you from men who twist their words.'  (CIA child and friends)  Prov 2:11-12

'If babylon temps you, don't give in to them.  They might say "Come along with us, let's hide and catch some harmless people in our trap.  Let's swallow them alive, as the grave does.  Let's swallow them whole like those who go down into the pit.  We'll get all kinds of valuable things.  We'll fill our houses with what we steal and seize".  Don't go along with them.  Don't set your feet on their paths.  Wisdom calls out in the street.  She raises her voice in public places.'  Prov 1:10-20

'My troubles are like a flood.  I'm up to my neck in them.  I'm sinking in deep mud.  I have no firm place to stand.  I am out in deep water.  The waves roll over me.  I'm worn out.  Those who hate me without any reason are more than the hairs on my head.  Many people who don't have any reason to be my enemies are trying to destroy me.  They force me to give back what I didn't steal. You know how foolish I've been.  My guilt is not hidden from you.' Psalms69:1-5

'You have put us to the test.  You put us through fire to make us like silver.  You put us in prison.  You placed heavy loads on our backs.  I will come to your temple with burnt offerings.'  Psalms66:10-13

(sickness)'my whole body is sick because of my sin, my guilt has become to much for me.  It is a load too heavy to carry.  I've been foolish.  I've been brought very low.  My back is filled with burning pain.  My whole body is sick.  I am weak.  I feel as if I've been broken in pieces.  I groan because of the great pain.  My heart pounds.  My strength is gone.  Pain seems to never leave.  I have done wrong.' Psalm 38

'Turn away from evil and do good.  Then you will live in the land.' Psalms 37:27

'Be strong and don't lose hope' Psalms 27:14

(iboga) 'Guide me in your truth.  Teach me.  Set me free from my great pain.  May our hearts be filled with new hope.  Even though I and I walk through the darkest valley, I and I will not be afraid.  It gives us new strength.  It makes childish people wise.  Lifted me out of deep waters.  Saves me from my powerful enemies.  Sets me free from those who were too strong for me.'  Psalms 19-25

'You take note of it.  You do something about it.  Take away the power of bad.  Uncover all the evil.  Hear the longings of those who are hurting.  Cheer them up and give them hope.  Listen.  Stand up for those who have been beaten down.  Do it so that no one made of dust may terrify others anymore.'  Psalms10:14-18

'When you are in bed, look deep down inside you and be silent.  Offer sacrifices in the right way.  See your face smiling.'  Psalms 4:4-6

(iboga providers) 'Here's something else I saw on this earth.  I saw an example of wisdom that touched me deeply.' Ecc.

'All things are tiresome.  They are more tiresome than anyone can say.  But our eyes never see enough of anything.  Our ears never hear enough.  I looked into everything that is done on earth...What a heavy load rests on the shoulders of men and women.  

And I wanted to know what foolish pleasure is all about.  But I found out that that's also like chasing the wind.  A lot of human wisdom leads to a lot of sorrow.  More knowledge only brings more sadness.  I wanted to see what was really important for people to do on earth during the few days of their lives.  

Their is a time to plant and a time to pull up what is planted.  

There is a time to dance.  There is a time to hug.  There's a time to mend.  There is a time to be silent.  and there's a time to speak.  

I've seen the heavy load God has put on men and women.  I looked and saw how much people were suffering on this earth.  I saw the tears of those who are suffering.  They don't have anyone to comfort them.  Power is on the side of those who beat them down.  Someone who hasn't been born yet is better off then the dead or the living.  That's because he hasn't seen the evil things that are done on earth. 
 A foolish person folds his hands and doesn't work for the next day.  And that destroys him.  
Two people are better than one.  They can help each other in everything they do.  One person could be overpowered But two people can stand up for themselves.  
People can learn more from sobbing when someone dies than from being happy when someone is born.  Saddness is good for the heart.  When times are good, be happy.  But when times are bad, there's something to think about.  Anyone who is living still has hope.  No matter what you do, work at it with all your might.  Remember, you are going to your grave.  And there isn't any work or planning or knowledge or wisdom there.  When a man won't work, the roof falls down.  When his hands aren't busy, the house leaks.   
Anyone who keeps on watching the wind won't plant seeds.  Anyone who keeps looking at the clouds won't gather crops.  
Do what your heart tells you to do.  

So drive worry out of your heart.  Get rid of all your troubles.  
The words of those who are wise move people to take action.'  

'After Judah's people had suffered greatly, they were taken away as prisoners.  They can't find any place to rest.  All those who were chasing them have caught up with them And they can't get away.  It's young women are sad.  And Zion itself sobs bitterly.  Its enemies have become its masters.  Its children have been taken away as prisoners.  People groan as they search for bread.  They trade their treasures for food just to stay alive.  I remember how I suffered and wandered.  I remember how bitter my life was.  I remember it very well.  My spirit is very sad deep down inside me And it gives me hope...So we haven't been completely destroyed.  It is good for a man to carry a heavy load of suffering while he is young.  Let him meditate on this.  Let's take a good look at the way we're living.  What I see brings pain to my spirit.  All of the people in my city are suffering so much.  We are so hungry we're burning up with fever.  

People of Zion, the time for you to be punished will come to an end.    Then they won't keep you away from your land any longer.'

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