[drugwar] NYPD raids CR meeting focusing on police brutality

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  and now having read your note closely, I must say take a pill or something please.
  Or better, smoke a bowl and relax.

..nah, never did pills, nor hard drugs, and the good weed and I parted some time ago.. 
.. and ever since, I'm less than impartial towards smoke blown up my ass..

But humor me here for a sec-one last time- and ask yourself this- police raid this event, no warrants, no negotiations, just this full-frontal assault and yet somehow, CR and WWIII got wind that the police were propelled into action because of this one guy on the street with an open container....? Who's this guy, and how big was that container? Did it have 'rocket silo' written on it? You know the cops aren't quoted as saying so, so why pin this lame ass excuse on them???

Wouldn't it make more sense if the story went- hey, they just showed up, out of the blue- don't fucking know why!!!!!

Couldn't Weinberg and Bloom call up the precinct's spokesperson and get their side of the story? After all, 25 cruisers raiding a benefit gala because of one wino on the sidewalk is a fucking Pulitzer in the making...
Correct me if I'm wrong, Preston, but we're the good guys, which means we don't tolerate nor support half-truths from those pertaining to be on our side, not because they discredit us as such, but because it's what defines us as the good guys in the first place....

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